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Trump, Clinton win Arizona presidential preference election

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton won Arizona’s presidential preference elections in an early call Tuesday, giving distinctive momentum to the two leading candidates.

Artists portray border issues using sculpture and painting

Artists are using their craft to contribute to the conversation about immigration and the border, hot topics on the presidential campaign trail.

Study indicates 3-D printing could release dangerous toxins

Schools have used 3-D printers to build everything from robot parts to iPod cases. A local surgeon utilized the technology to help rebuild a patient’s face. And Local Motors, an Arizona based manufacturing company, even built a 3-D printed car.

More Americans defy racial categories and identify as Blaxican

Raynetta Brown, a student at Arizona State University, is among a growing number of Americans who are defying racial categories and choosing to identify as biracial.

Ford provides sneak peek of driverless vehicle

Ford Motor Co. showcased its version of an autonomous vehicle at an event at Phoenix co-working space CO+HOOTS on Wednesday.

Ford prototype

Abuse of Arizona’s elderly increases as aging population grows

Vulnerable and elderly adults have been the victims of abuse, neglect and fraud in nearly 14,000 cases in Arizona, with the number of cases reported in 2015 increasing 19 percent over the year before, according to a Cronkite News analysis.

Why hasn’t telemedicine taken off in Arizona? Experts say most doctors don’t get paid

Modern medicine is constantly evolving – but sometimes, it develops too fast. Experts said state laws have hindered telemedicine, a technology that could be utilized to provide health care throughout Arizona.

Finished mural causes an emotional effect on ASU students

Now that the mural of Mike Brown by Kyra Trent is finished, it has caused emotional effects on students like Korey Gray who cried when she witnessed the piece.

Tucson-based World View to offer balloon rides to space

Tucson – Space, a place that seems foreign to us earthlings, could be the next hot trip destination for the public. One Tucson-based company plans to offer space tourism in two years.

‘Still I Rise’ mural honors African American activism

GLENDALE – Arizona State University Kyra Trent is using her artistic talent to spark healthy conversations about African American resilience, social justice and activism.

art photo

Black business struggles to grow in Arizona

Clarence McAllister said it took him 16 years to grow his company, Phoenix-based Fortis Networks.

Cross-border airport terminal transforms travel

SAN DIEGO – U.S. travelers who want to fly out of the international airport in Tijuana, Mexico can now use a new terminal that straddles the border.