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Meet HuMiX, the gut’s future guide to personalized medicine

CHANDLER – Meet HuMiX, the “gut on a chip” that may lead one day to personalized medical treatments.

Gut chip

Donald Trump promises to bring Arizona along on the ride to making America great

PHOENIX – Donald Trump brought his trademark “make America great again” presidential campaign to the Arizona desert Saturday, rallying voters giddy over his proposals to build a wall along the Mexican border, ban Muslims from coming into the country and put a conservative on the Supreme Court.

Trump Arizona rally speech

Native American domestic violence survivors take to stage to share stories

WASHINGTON - Billie Jo Rich never imagined she would be telling anyone her story of surviving domestic violence - much less a room with hundreds of people.

Phoenix Latino leaders respond to Trump’s Curiel comments

PHOENIX — Local Latino and community leaders Wednesday denounced Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about a Mexican-American judge, calling them offensive and derogatory.

White House punts in response to petitions decrying March elections

WASHINGTON - The White House told the hundreds of thousands of people who signed petitions demanding action after the botched March presidential preference election in Arizona that they would have to look elsewhere for help.

Arizona parents and teachers: Are you worried about kids’ online activity?

Children and teens spend a significant chunk of their time on the Internet. What steps, if any, do you take to keep them safe online?

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Services at your fingertips: Do you use Uber, Amazon or anything else?

According to a national study done by Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Americans "have used at least one of 11 different shared and on-demand services."

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TSA chief promises wait times will improve after June hiring boom

WASHINGTON - The head of the Transportation Security Administration promised lawmakers Wednesday that the planned hiring of 768 workers by June 15 will ease long wait times at airports nationwide.

Mr., Ms. Smith to go Washington: Citizens add voices on national issues

WASHINGTON — Over two days last week, three Arizonans - a teacher, a former student and a immigration case worker - came to Washington to add their voices to the debate over Merrick Garland's stalled Supreme Court nomination.

What are the most popular dog breeds in Maricopa County?

PHOENIX – While you may see more dachshunds in Sun City and more Siberian huskies in Apache Junction, some breeds dominate in all parts of the Maricopa County.

Teaching young people the importance of voting in elections

At 12:08 p.m., two minutes before the start of the second lunch period at Ironwood High School in Glendale, Teresa Martinez sprang into action.

voting rights ambassador registering students to vote

Suns, Coyotes, Diamondbacks wandering in the desert, pondering new homes

Arizona’s professional sports teams have wandering eyes.