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Democrats leave ICE meeting convinced arrests a taste of what’s to come

WASHINGTON - Democratic leaders left a meeting with immigration officials Thursday convinced that recent apprehensions, detentions and deportations have greatly expanded under President Donald Trump, and said they were told to "expect more arrests."

Emotions run high as Gov. Ducey, Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly tour Arizona border

NOGALES, ARIZONA — All seemed calm at this southern Arizona town Thursday despite Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Gov. Doug Ducey touring the border.

Library coding clubs prepare kids and teens for growing job market

As employment opportunities for software, application and system developers is projected to increase in the coming years, dozens of libraries in Arizona are beginning to realize the importance of coding and are becoming more than a place to check-out books.

Kelly vows to get local input as feds seek way to close southern border

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a House panel Tuesday that a wall will help close the "gaping wound" of the U.S-Mexico border, but that he will rely on local authorities to tell his department where and how to close the border.

February 7, 2017 Newscast | Cronkite News

Refugees and music, STEM studies and digital libraries

Border sheriff, businessman take different sides on border wall debate

WASHINGTON - One day before the new secretary of Homeland Security was scheduled to testify on border security, a Nogales business owner joined critics speaking out Monday against the Trump administration's plans to continue the "militarization" of the southern border.

Homeland Security secretary vows to enforce Trump travel ban ‘humanely’

WASHINGTON - The secretary of Homeland Security on Tuesday defended President Donald Trump's ban on refugee admissions and vowed that his department would enforce the policy "humanely."

States, advocates host balls of all stripes as inaugural kicks off

WASHINGTON - Not everyone who comes to Washington this weekend will be able to participate in the pomp of the three officially sanctioned inaugural balls, but that doesn't mean they won't have a chance to put on their dancing shoes.

Putting the squeeze on trash in downtown Phoenix

PHOENIX – Solar-powered trash cans placed in downtown Phoenix compact and reduce trash, spur recycling and cut down on trash collections – and may herald a new way to get rid of trash, Phoenix officials say.

McCain says a wall alone is not enough to secure border

WASHINGTON - One day after President-elect Donald Trump promised to start working "immediately" on a wall on the Mexico border, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, said a wall alone would not be sufficient to secure the border.

Wading through the yuck, researchers study wastewater sludge for public health clues

TEMPE – Pristine white lab coats hang on a wheeled rack. Handwritten measurements and equations are crammed on whiteboards. And a long line of freezers are filled with containers of super-concentrated human waste.

O’Halleran, Biggs win new AZ Congressional seats

Democrat Tom O’Halleran was elected to the Congressional District 1 seat, while Republican Andy Biggs was a clear winner in District 6.