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Arizona Game and Fish debates banning ‘coyote killing contests’

PHOENIX – The Arizona Game and Fish Commission has proposed a rule that would ban so-called coyote-killing contests. KJZZ spoke to people on both sides of the issue.

A natural path: Mother chooses midwife over hospital for second birth

PHOENIX – Katrina Huynh chose a midwife to deliver her second child, seeking a more organic, intimate experience around pregnancy and childbirth.

Kitchen-inspection reports for day cares and schools are available – if you look

PHOENIX – Maricopa County restaurant inspectors include day care services and school kitchens in their assessments, but schools are not required to notify parents of violations

Venezuelan artists strive to survive, make a difference in Peru

Talented Venezuelan migrants in Peru share their stories about trying to earn a living through art.

Venezuelans in Peru worry that media’s focus on crime spurs lies, hatred

As Peru works to take in more than 700,000 migrants from Venezuela, social media stokes unwarranted fears of crime and violence.

Rising cost of migrant health care is straining charities and Border Patrol

TUCSON – With an increasing number of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, the cost of caring for their medical needs is rising as well.

With Venezuela in turmoil, migrants and refugees turn to Peru

Peru has welcomed with open arms more than 700,000 Venezuelan migrants. The inflow is both a test and an opportunity for the country’s economy.

Mothers and supporters of breastfeeding gather at Capitol for Nationwide Nurse-In

PHOENIX – About 20 people showed up to the Nationwide Nurse-In at the state Capitol to show their support for breastfeeding protections.

Tucson’s Benedictine Monastery more than just a shelter for migrant families

TUCSON – The Casa Alitas shelter at the Benedictine Monastery in Tucson provides transportation, medical care and guidance for migrants claiming asylum in the United States.

Local group, with help of 3 veterans, removes graffiti from Florence boulders

FLORENCE – Natural Restorations, a local nonprofit that removes trash and graffiti from outdoor areas, removed 20,242 square feet of graffiti from the boulders in Florence during a two-week project.

Weather conditions set Maricopa County up for better air than last year

PHOENIX – Maricopa County is seeing improvements in air quality from last year.

Logging by copter: Millions spent to thin forest on steep slopes of Mount Elden

FLAGSTAFF - Flagstaff and federal officials are using a helicopter to thin the forest on Mount Elden to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the city’s watershed.