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Lane change: Old road recycled to build a new stretch of I-10

PICACHO – What happens to roads after they’re torn out? About 80 million tons of asphalt are recycled every year throughout the U.S., but the Arizona Department of Transportation is using old pavement from Interstate 10 to build new eastbound lanes near this unincorporated community.

Hotshots: Support, criticism follow news of new Arizona pro football team’s name

TEMPE – A new football league has stirred controversy with the name "Hotshots." For some, its a tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots. For others, it's exploiting a tragedy.

A good run: Eno Benjamin’s strong start hints at big things for ASU

TEMPE - Running back Eno Benjamin is off to a strong start for Arizona State football.

For first time, gamers can customize female players for NBA Live

PHOENIX -- For the first time, video gamers can customize female players for NBA Live. They can also pattern their play after top WNBA players.

‘Everyone can see themselves in Barbie’: Iconic doll better reflects global diversity

PHOENIX – Mattel, like many companies adapting to a multicultural world, has been working to diversify the shape, races, ethnicities and occupation of Barbies.

AZ ACLU worries Trump’s executive order too vague to halt family separations

Leaders of the Arizona ACLU and a Tucson-based coalition fighting to change immigration policy fear President Trump’s executive order will not end family separation and encouraged people to remain vigilant on immigration issues | Cronkite News

Phoenix Council to proceed with light-rail extension to South Phoenix, but requests design evaluation

The Phoenix City Council on Wednesday voted to proceed with the development of the South Central light-rail extension after a contentious meeting with residents earlier this week.

‘It’s a sad day’: Reaction strong to news of football being cut at Maricopa County community colleges

Former ASU coach Todd Graham, others react with disappoint to news of community college football cuts in Arizona.

Furloughed federal workers feel like ‘pawns’ in shutdown fight

WASHINGTON - More than 55,000 federal workers in Arizona will be back on the job Tuesday, after Congress ended a three-day government shutdown. But workers worry they could soon be right back in the same situation.

Pension Trap

Trump’s rhetoric awakens new spirit, new questions in Mexico

Mexico has seen rapid growth in education levels and financial status since the signing of NAFTA, and Mexicans now want to be seen as an equal partner to the U.S., a desire only fueled by the rhetoric of the Trump administration

Trans Queer Pueblo organizes Phoenix show giving support to LGBTQ immigrant community

PHOENIX — Growing up as a member of the LGBTQ community can already be a struggle for many. For some Latino youths, their journey is made even more difficult because of several factors such as the conservative, male dominated and religious nature of their culture.

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Rubberized highways, roofing cool urban heat islands in Arizona

PHOENIX – Pavement originally built for durability and noise reduction can curb rising temperatures from urban heat islands – meaning the ribbons of freeways threading the Valley may lessen the effect of climate change, according to a new report.

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