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West Nile virus now is a permanent part of Arizona’s ecosystem, study finds

PHOENIX – A study from Northern Arizona University and the Translational Genomics Research Institute discovered the sometimes-fatal disease known as West Nile virus is in Arizona to stay. It also found that Maricopa County is a breeding ground for infestations in adjoining states.

ASU, Arizona make effort to enroll Chinese students

TEMPE – The Arizona Office of Tourism and Arizona State University specifically market to Chinese international students to attend school in Arizona, hoping to encourage friends and family to visit.

U.S. Forest Service under fire for cutting old-growth trees in eastern Arizona

FLAGSTAFF – The decision to cut more than 1,300 old-growth trees last summer in an Arizona forest has been criticized for breaking trust with the thinning project's backers. This at a time when forest management is receiving national attention for the role it plays in preventing catastrophic wildfires like the ones we're seeing in California.

Hikers discover oldest prehistoric footprints found at Grand Canyon

PHOENIX – Hikers at the Grand Canyon have found a set of 28 small footprints on a slab of rock that had fallen from the canyon wall. It turns out that the set of tracks is about 310 million years old – nearly 250 million years before the age of dinosaurs.