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Monsoon rescues are free, despite ‘stupid-motorist law,’ Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says

Monsoon season sparks rumors about the enforcement a ‘stupid motorist law’ where drivers can be charged the cost of being rescued from storm floods. MCSO deputies want residents to know that they won’t make people pay.

Phoenix monsoon photo

More than 4,000 acres of land in northern Arizona to be auctioned for gas and oil exploration

A Trump administration plan calls for auctioning off about 4,200 acres of public land for oil and gas development in northern Arizona.

San Carlos Apache activist joins D.C. rally for ‘fundamental rights’

WASHINGTON - Native Americans face a slew of challenges, said Wendsler Nosie Sr., one of a number of speakers at a wide-ranging rally by dozens of activists as part of the Poor People's Campaign that touched on everything from voting rights to fights over the minimum wage.

Phoenix trains apprentices to become sanitation workers

Phoenix offers the Solid Waste Equipment Operator Apprenticeship – an intensive, yearlong paid program to give prospective sanitation workers intensive training.

Saluting history: WWII museum honors veterans by preserving their stories, vintage planes

At the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, volunteers keep history alive through storytelling and by keeping the museum’s vintage planes airworthy. Passengers can tour the museum and planes or take flight on one of several of their World War II aircraft.

Shoebox of hope comes full circle to health care, housing for the homeless

A nun who is a doctor established Circle the City, a medical-care facility for people who are homeless. The work started with her collecting donations in a shoebox. It expanded in April to a second location.

Ducey: Lawmakers agree to raise pay for teachers, support staff

Gov. Doug Ducey announced Friday he had reached an agreement with lawmakers that would provide 20 percent raises to Arizona teachers among other concessions as educators continue their second day of a statewide strike.

Tens of thousands hit street to protest education funding in Red for Ed march to Capitol

Thousands of Red for Ed protesters marched to the Arizona State Capitol Thursday in a historic demonstration against years of education budget cuts, demanding higher pay and increased classroom funding.

Lesko tops Tipirneni, keeps Congressional District 8 in GOP hands

Voters in the West Valley went to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballot for Republican Debbie Lesko or Democrat Dr. Hiral Tipirneni in the 8th Congressional district. The special election is to replace Rep. Trent Franks.

Number of homeless people not in shelters is up 27% in the past year in Maricopa County

The preliminary results of the 2018 Point-in-Time show a 27% increase in unsheltered homelessness in the last year.

Vroom service: Veterans rev up on racetrack to speed PTSD recovery

Veterans battling PTSD buckle up in Vetdrenaline races, sparking a surge of adrenaline that safely mimics their military experience.

National parks in Arizona using microchips and photo-mapping to deter thieves

Technology such as microchips in cacti at Saguaro National Park and a photo mapping system at Petrified National Forest is being used to deter thieves.