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Lost on the front lines: Health care workers in Southwest who died fighting COVID-19

Health care workers faced serious dangers during the pandemic, and some lost their lives caring for others.

Mothers, midwives and mortality: Why some Black women seek a holistic approach

Black women are up against staggering odds when it comes to infant mortality. Here’s how midwives are working to combat the statistics in an era of pandemic.

Nearly three-quarters of youth behind bars suffer from mental health issues

Kids in the juvenile justice system struggle with mental health issues at higher rates, yet they often don’t receive treatment.

Missing you: High school football programs face safety and money woes in COVID-19 era

PHOENIX – High school coaches are eager to get the season started in person, but the pandemic has caused uncertainty and will affect fans, players and funding for high school sporting programs across metro Phoenix.

Good roads, bad drivers: Arizona interstates deadliest in nation, report says

WASHINGTON - Arizona's interstate highways are in generally good shape, but they experienced the highest rate of fatalities in the nation in 2018, according to a national report released Tuesday.

A child of two nations: Hope for ‘democracia’ in Peru spurs new parents

A newborn represents the vanguard of a new generation of Peruvians born to Venezuelan refugee parents

Low and slow: Car clubs celebrate unique lowrider culture of the Southwest

SAN DIEGO – San Diego’s Day at the Bay showcase wows audiences with lowriders from car clubs across the Southwest.

Man behind Miss Gay America wants young LGBTQ people to know they are valued

Michael Dutzer, drag performer and owner of the Miss Gay America pageant, wants to provide a sense of hope for young LGBTQ people.

Vehicle crashes and fatalities continued to rise in 2017, ADOT report shows

From 2010 to 2017, motor-vehicle crashes have increased 16 percent, the Arizona Department of Transportation says. Fatalities increased in 2017, to 1,000, from the previous year.

Arizona is among top states for renewable energy, report says

The Environment Arizona & Policy Center released a report on Tuesday that focuses on how well the nation is utilizing renewable energy.

Study: Phoenix region among worst for air pollution, researchers recommend changes

Metro Phoenix was among the top 5 largest metro areas with the most days of smog in 2016, according to a national study by an Arizona research group.

ASU partners with Valley Metro to equip buses with thermal sensors

Arizona State University partners with Valley Metro to provide buses with thermal sensors that will collect data in hopes to determine how they can impact heat reduction efforts.