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Through crafts, community spreads Dia de los Muertos tradition

PHOENIX - A woman sat at a table, patiently sewing an orange sugar skull with blue eyes and a pink button nose. She untangled a ball of yarn and worked nimbly, adding a flower bow and a black mouth.

What happens to DACA recipients who can’t renew?

PHOENIX - Jazmin Nuñez spends her days at Living United for Change In Arizona (LUCHA) helping DACA recipients navigate the murky waters of their future.


Relief efforts and tales of survival among the Valley’s Puerto Rican community

PHOENIX — In a warehouse in north Phoenix on Saturday morning, a woman sat on the floor among piles of toothbrushes, toilet paper and soap. She packed a cardboard box full of diapers then taped it shut. A man picked up the box and set it against the wall. The woman started fresh with a new box, carefully packing newborn diapers.

Iranian-American community rallies to register voters

PHOENIX - On National Voter Registration Day, Ali Scotten stood outside Caspian Food Market. He held a clipboard and walked back and forth in front of the store. His goal was to register Iranian-Americans to vote, and what better place to do that than a grocery store which sells Iranian food?


Volunteers help DACA recipients through ‘nerve wracking’ renewal process

PHOENIX — As the weeks go by, DACA recipients know time is running out. That’s why on Wednesday morning, several of them walked into the Phoenix offices of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). They wrote their names on a sign-in sheet and carried folders of paperwork. They took seats next to volunteers.

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Trump deals with Democrats and DREAMers decide whether to believe

PHOENIX — “It’s like another board game for them. Both the Democrats and the Trump administration. It’s always a game and they’re gambling with our lives,” Francisco Luna said.

After the end of DACA, supporters and dissenters look to DREAM Act

PHOENIX — Two weeks after DACA was rescinded by President Donald Trump, many supporters and dissenters have now shifted their focus to the DREAM Act.


Meet A Muslim Day aims for open dialogue

TEMPE — On Saturday afternoon, Latif Ahmed stood on a sidewalk in Tempe holding a red, white and blue sign reading “I’M A MUSLIM ASK ME ANYTHING.” He laughed when asked if the American color scheme was purposeful.

Muslim participants

ASU’s DACA students meet, plan action

PHOENIX — On Thursday evening, Arizona State University students crowded into a makeshift conference room, pulling chairs into a circle. When there wasn’t any room left, some students sat on the floor in the middle. They took turns introducing themselves – sharing their names, their majors and their fears about the repeal of DACA.

USEE meeting

Arizona higher education administrators work to reassure DACA students

PHOENIX — Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that President Donald Trump would be ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA.

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DACA support continues as community awaits Trump’s decision

PHOENIX — For the second day in a row, protesters gathered outside the Immigration & Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix. A tent was set up, under which protestors sat for a moment of relief from the sweltering heat. There were two coolers filled with water, Gatorade and snacks for protesters. A banner hung from the tent reading “Dreamers will be deported. What will you do?”

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Tempe mosque opens its doors in hopes of changing perceptions

The doors to the Tempe Islamic Community Center were wide open on Friday evening as the community hosted an “Mosque Open House” night.

Tempe Islamic Community Center