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Brisket, bacon and baseball: Chase Field delivers new food lineup for 2022 season

PHOENIX – Knowing food and baseball go hand-in-hand, the Diamondbacks have unveiled a variety of new menu options at Chase Field

Critics doubt administration ready for fallout from ending Title 42

WASHINGTON - For immigration advocates, the end to Title 42 couldn’t come soon enough, but critics warned this week that it's coming too soon and will "open the floodgates" to migrants at the southern border.

El fiscal general de Arizona pide a la corte que bloquee el plan de Biden de reabrir la frontera

PHOENIX – El fiscal general de Arizona, Mark Brnovich, junto con el fiscal general de Luisiana, Jeff Landry, y el fiscal general de Missouri, Eric Schmitt, presentaron una denuncia contra la administración de Biden por rescindir el Título 42.

Arizona among three states suing to block Biden from ending Title 42 for asylum seekers

PHOENIX – Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri have asked a federal judge to block the Biden administration from rescinding Title 42 – the policy banning asylum seekers that was enacted to protect public health during the pandemic.

Arizona man gets probation for his role in ‘horrific events’ of Jan. 6

WASHINGTON - An Arizona man was sentenced Thursday to 36 months of probation and will have to spend 90 days in a halfway house for his part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Arizonans can move driver’s license to their phones – but not much more

WASHINGTON - Arizona drivers who take advantage of the first-in-the-nation virtual license with Apple Wallet will still need to have their current physical license when they buy a drink, get pulled over or any number of other uses, state officials said.

Arizona Coyotes Alumni Team determined to help grow hockey in state

TUCSON – As part of its quest to help grow hockey in the state, the Arizona Coyotes Alumni Team played the University of Arizona to help raise money for its program.

GCU swimming and diving program’s international culture fosters athletic, personal growth

PHOENIX - The Grand Canyon University swimming and diving program has built an international culture where athletes experience other cultures in addition to their own thanks to teammates.

Arizona official defends ‘remain in Mexico’ policy that Biden wants to end

WASHINGTON - The director of Arizona's Department of Homeland Security told a panel of lawmakers Wednesday that the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the “remain in Mexico” policy for immigrants, is helping to keep Arizonans safe.

Biden’s upbeat State of the Union in unsteady times splits state lawmakers

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday in a speech that toggled between plans for tackling domestic challenges and reasserting U.S. international leadership.

Supreme Court to hear Indian Child Welfare Act case involving Navajo child

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act filed by a white Texas couple that was almost denied the chance to adopt a Native American boy who was set to be placed with a Navajo family.

Arizonans march in support of Ukraine after Russian invasion

PHOENIX – Hundreds of demonstrators marched from the Ukrainian American Cultural Center to Colter Park in Phoenix in support of Ukraine.