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From ‘green blob’ to majestic sentinel: The science of saguaros

PHOENIX – Saguaros are known around the world as a symbol of the American West, but scientists still are unlocking the secrets to how these giants grow and why they only grow in the Sonoran Desert.

Seeing Stars: Midterm ballots include James Bond, JFK, Elvis, others

WASHINGTON - James Bond and Cesar Chavez are on the ballot this year - just not the James Bond or the Cesar Chavez most people think of. The two Arizona candidates are among the many around the country whose names may make voters to a double-take, including JFK, Elvis and Chuck Norris.

Tribal officials, Democrats push back on 9th Circuit judicial nominee

WASHINGTON - The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to proceed this week on a judicial nominee for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Arizona, despite the objections of both tribal officials and committee Democrats.

Art exhibit aims to break down walls near Arizona-Mexico border

SAN LUIS – An Arizona Library is making it possible for two towns to unite together through artwork, despite being physically separated by a border fence.

Eagle eyes: Nest watchers safeguard the next generation of Arizona bald eagles

Nest watchers collect data that helps scientists understand how the eagles interact with the environment, alert biologists to birds in distress and keep people, paragliders and, more recently, drones, away from sensitive nest sites.

Innovative programs aim to offset state’s shortage of mental health beds

WASHINGTON - The U.S. has only about a quarter of the beds that experts say is the safe minimum, and Arizona has only about a third of the national rate, but analysts and advocates said the state should get credit for innovative programs it does supply.

Despite gains, Native American employment still lags behind nation

WASHINGTON - Native American unemployment has fallen sharply, from 40 percent in 1968 to 12 percent in 2016, but that is still more than twice the national average at the time and experts say it masks pockets of high unemployment on reservations and rural areas where systemic challenges remain.

Change in Park Service policy catches some seasonal workers off-guard

WASHINGTON - The high season is beginning in the national parks, but union officials say some of the seasonal employees who would normally be brought on to help are instead being turned away under a previously unenforced rule.

Lawmakers, witnesses grapple with how to save Navajo Generating Station

WASHINGTON - Witnesses and lawmakers called for action to head off the 2019 closure of the Navajo Generating Station, a move that could mean the loss of thousands of jobs at the plant and the coal mine that fuels it. But few options were offered on how the plant might be saved.

Plane truth: Airline quality at highest level in decades, report says

WASHINGTON - Despite a "rough year for airlines in the public's eye," the industry had the best year ever in terms of passenger service in 2017, according to the latest edition of annual airline quality report.

Census plan to ask citizenship status on 2020 form sparks backlash

WASHINGTON - For the first time in 70 years, Americans will be asked to report their citizenship status when they fill out their 2020 Census forms, a change that angered immigrant advocates who fear it will harm minority representation and lead to a less-accurate census.