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School choice, low taxes land Arizona in state freedom rankings’ top 10

WASHINGTON - Arizona's school choice laws, liberal land-use policies and rules for concealed-carry of guns combined to help boost it into the top 10 in a "Freedom in the 50 States" report, but not everyone agreed with the report's definition of what's best for freedom.

Milk-alternative industry booming; raw milk might save dairy market

In 2018, the milk-alternative industry is expected to top $16 billion in revenue worldwide, according to Innova Market Insights. Younger generations in particular are switching their recommended daily calcium and nutrients to a variety of milk replacements.

DACA renewals come to a close, those affected look to the future

PHOENIX - Jazmin Nuñez was born in the United States, and therefore is a citizen — but her sister is not. That’s why for the past month, Nuñez has worked hard to help people do what her own sister can’t: renew their DACA status.