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Despite low pay, WNBA still attraction to international players

PHOENIX — In a quest for better salaries, nearly half of WNBA players compete overseas in the off-season. The mindset for international players, however, is different.

Muslims seek religiously inclusive food, beauty services in Phoenix area

PHOENIX – Some Muslims who want to live out their faith in Arizona can have a difficult time finding certain businesses that cater to their needs.

Valley offers adaptive sports options for disabled community

PHOENIX -- Mohamed Raafat was hanging out at school and perched on a children’s car when a friend abruptly moved it. Just like that, his life changed.

Women’s collective encourages environmental, economic sustainability in Agua Prieta’s poorest area

PHOENIX -- A cross-border partnership with Quaker roots is encouraging women in low-income areas of Agua Prieta, Sonora, to become self-sufficient through programs teaching sewing, brick making, organic gardening, and more.

Arizona migration trends tracked through ‘death map’ of discovered human remains

PHOENIX - It might take a second to for the computer to load, but then it’s there: a map of Southern Arizona nearly completely covered with red markers, so dense in some areas that it’s black.

High schools adopting analytics modeled after the big leagues

PHOENIX — Ask anyone involved in sports, and they will probably know that high school athletics often mirror concepts from professionals. This especially rings true with the increased use of major league-style analytics in high school baseball.

Concert at port of entry aims to unify both sides of border, break down barriers

PHOENIX - With musicians performing on two stages set up next to each other on both sides of the border, a concert taking place at the Douglas port of entry this month will bring a different kind of attention to an area that’s been in the national spotlight for barriers.

Phoenix Latino arts community highlights stories of immigrants, stresses unity under Trump

PHOENIX - Amid the marches, political organizing and other demonstrations that have taken place among those in opposition to President Donald Trump, Phoenix’s Latino arts scene has seen direct and indirect messages conveyed across a variety of media pushing back against Trump’s policies and public statements.

No true count of homeless LGBTQ youth makes problem difficult to address

PHOENIX -- Being 15 years old isn’t easy for a lot of people. You’re a freshman in high school and really starting to come into your own. You’re trying to figure out where you belong and what you want to do with your future.

Making the grade, missing meals: Community college students go hungry

WASHINGTON - Sunny Price knows what it's like to try to keep up with college studies when you don't have enough to eat.

Signs of the times: Tucson artist aims to capture the history of the south side

TUCSON - Wielding paint scrapers and a power washer, Alex Jimenez and Johanna Martinez approached the exterior wall of an ice cream shop in the heat of a late March afternoon, preparing the canvas where they’ll document some of the history of Tucson’s south side.

From fresh produce to inmate job training, Nogales food bank fills a basket of needs

NOGALES -- Food waste, the affordability of fresh produce, and prison inmate rehabilitation may seem like disparate issues, but a local food bank is approaching them all head-on.