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Advocates urge Senate to help ‘heal this wound’ of native language loss

WASHINGTON - The government must help reverse generations of federally backed assimilation programs that left Native Americans "robbed of the ability to speak our own language," advocates told the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

August 22, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

Cronkite News reports on impact on the economy due to requirements for work visas, Arizona students at the National Spelling Bee; and more

SunZia power lines would destroy wetlands, kill birds, opponents say

SunZia, a $2 billion project to carry wind-generated electricity from New Mexico to Arizona, faces opposition from community groups about environmental concerns.

Millions are victims of hate crimes, though many never report them

Many victims of hate crimes are reluctant to report them, and reported crimes do not always lead to arrests, prosecutions or even a record of hate crimes.

No More Deaths duels with Border Patrol over water and food drops for migrants

No More Deaths volunteers have been working for a decade to provide gallons of water and food drops to migrants illegally crossing from the Mexican border.

ACLU drops suit against Gosar for blocking social media accounts

WASHINGTON - The Arizona chapter of American Civil Liberties Union withdrew a lawsuit it had filed against Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, after he blocked two constituents from his social media accounts, with both sides claiming victory in the dispute.

Lawn time ago: Tucson saves water with desert landscaping, synthetic grass

TUCSON – Tucson residents have looked to new landscaping options in order to conserve their use of water.

Flush with success: Low-flow toilets are water-conservation champ

LONGMONT – In water conservation the modern toilet reigns as M.V.P. in cutting Western water use, give some props to the toilet.

Phoenix hopes to build mill to recycle certain plastics, easing pressure on landfills

PHOENIX – It’s been six months since China stopped importing most plastic and paper waste from U.S. cities. And the void left is massive.

Workers sort through recycled materials at a Phoenix facility.

Anti-Defamation League review: 6 Supreme Court cases that delight conservatives, dismay liberals

An Anti-Defamation League annual review of SCOTUS opinions paints a picture of this year’s Supreme Court decisions on immigrant detentions, voting rights for minorities, religious rights at a Colorado bakery and anti-abortion pregnancy centers. How people view those decisions depends on their ideology, a panel of legal and political experts says.

Proposed law would require Arizona to compile statistics on veteran suicide

PHOENIX – Three years after a veteran’s suicide, friends and family call legislators to action.

Killer heat: Phoenix seeking solutions, hopes to become leader in climate mitigation

PHOENIX – In 2017, the Phoenix area hit a new record: more than 155 heat fatalities and the final tally could be even higher. City leaders are taking notice. Earlier this year, former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton deemed it “a public health crisis.”