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Refugee students gain freedom, then learn English in AZ

PHOENIX- Jolie Zuza came to Arizona as a child in 2005, fleeing war and death.

Educators optimistic after seeing final federal rules on school success

WASHINGTON - State officials welcomed final regulations for the federal school policy that will replace the troubled No Child Left Behind program, which give states more flexibility to determine school success and which schools are falling behind.

Grading Schools

Award-winning football player overcomes cystic fibrosis to find success on and off field

PHOENIX – Balancing academics and athletics is a delicate juggling act, but Phoenix College wide receiver and former Joy Christian School quarterback Matthew Mitchell excelled at both - while also dealing with an inhibiting disease.

Cactus League a big winner regardless of World Series outcome

PHOENIX – No matter who wins Wednesday’s climactic Game 7 of the World Series between the long-suffering Cleveland Indians and longer-suffering Chicago Cubs, Arizona wins.

Cubs craze spreads to the Valley, giving businesses a big boost

PHOENIX - It was the top of the ninth inning at Wrigley Field in Chicago during Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, and nearly 2,000 miles away in the Valley, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria was rocking as the Chicago Cubs closed out the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Goodyear seventh-grader goes to White House as ‘kid science adviser’

WASHINGTON - Goodyear middle schooler Sage Foreman had an idea for a national technology "field trip" day that could help get schoolkids interested in the sciences. That idea was enough to get Sage a field trip of his own Friday - to the White House, where he was one of just 11 students from across the country invited to be a "kid science adviser" for a day.

Whiz Kid

D-backs new GM: Winning a championship to be ‘at the forefront of what we do every day’

PHOENIX – Success. Success. Success. That is all the new general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks wants for a franchise mired in a string of disappointing seasons.

Who teaches the teachers? Rules would hold teacher colleges accountable

WASHINGTON - For years, the U.S. Department of Education has rated teachers' success based on how well their students performed on tests. Now, it wants to take a step back and evaluate how teachers are taught to teach.

Teacher Teacher

Palmer leaves lasting imprint on Arizona golf courses

SCOTTSDALE – In the entrance of the Starfire Golf Club, legend Arnold Palmer smiles in a blue beret while sinking his winning putt in the 1961 British Open – his first of two.

Women’s hockey growing in the desert

PHOENIX - It’s getting colder in the desert. “We’re not a hockey state but we are starting to get there,” said Jordan Nash-Boulden, an Arizona State women’s hockey player.

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Confused by elections? Ask a kid. Report lauds state civics program

WASHINGTON - Arizona got high marks Thursday in a national study of how well states educate students on voting, parties and the political process, early training that analysts say leads to greater voter participation later on.

How do Arizona Democrats pick DNC delegates? Hint: The process involves ‘lots and lots of pizza.’

PHOENIX — Hundreds of Arizonans applied to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention this year, but only 100 people will actually attend. For Philadelphia 2016, Arizona will send a delegation that includes young up-and-comers, immigrants, a 102-year-old woman and two sisters, among others.