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When life gives you lemons: Arizona might declare lemonade as its state drink

PHOENIX – Senate Government Committee voted 6-1 to advance a bill that would make lemonade Arizona’s state drink.

Arizona again rejects push to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

PHOENIX – Virginia failed to pass the ERA in February. Now, advocates are looking to Arizona to ratify the sweeping Equal Rights Amendment, which Congress passed in 1972.

‘Historical trauma’: Native communities grapple with missing and murdered women

SELLS – A complex legal process, inconsistent data and a lack of attention contribute to the forgotten missing and murdered indigenous women. The #MMIW movement is advocating for women who no longer have a voice.

Native Americans hope to protect ancestral sites threatened by multibillion-dollar copper mine

TONTO NATIONAL FOREST – In the wake of the Oak Flat protests, Resolution Copper funds a program in which Native Americans record culturally significant sites with an uncertain future.

Transgender sex workers vulnerable to violence, but when is it a hate crime?

Society shuns transgender people from corporate jobs because of their gender identity, forcing them into sex work and other means of underground economy.

Your vote, your voice: What do you want in election coverage?

Politics are confusing. Help us design the perfect political affairs show to change that by taking part in a crowd-sourced project that will help us make relevant, easy-to-understand Arizona political news coverage.

Sessions limits asylum claims for victims of domestic, gang violence

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that immigrant victims of gang violence or domestic abuse will no longer be able to claim asylum in the U.S., saying the law was not designed to "alleviate all problems" and is being abused by immigrants.

Officials warn that West faces another ‘challenging’ wildfire season

WASHINGTON - Federal officials warned a Senate panel that the West should prepare for another "challenging" wildfire season, particularly in the drought-ravaged Southwest, after a 2017 season that was the most expensive on record in terms of firefighting costs.

With Suns poised to select another one-and-done player, debate about value continues

On eve of NBA Draft lottery, Devin Booker and other Suns reflect on he one-and-done rule. It worked for the Suns standout. But questions remain if the rule is doing its job.

Shoebox of hope comes full circle to health care, housing for the homeless

A nun who is a doctor established Circle the City, a medical-care facility for people who are homeless. The work started with her collecting donations in a shoebox. It expanded in April to a second location.

River dreams: Native female entrepreneur starts Grand Canyon rafting company

After fighting for nearly two decades, Patricia Cesspooch just started her own business on the Colorado river.

Catch some Z’s: Lack of sleep can put you in ER

Chronic sleep disorders can lead to health problems, including serious illness or death, according to sleep specialists.