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Arizona Latinx performers: Using the stage as a platform to show their pride and culture

The mariachi group showcases young musicians and performers whose motivation for playing mariachi music is the same: to represent their Mexican culture with pride.

The sound of music: Phoenix students craft guitars by hand

PHOENIX — Buzz saws, sanders and wood clacking on wood crescendo above 40 students' competing conversations as they craft acoustic and electric guitars.

Appetite for holiday tamales keeps family bakery busy

La Purisima Bakery makes hundreds of tamales a week but can barely keep up with holiday orders in December.

Tamales photo

Residents on the U.S.-Mexico border are battling obesity

Mexico and the U.S. share an appetite for fast food that has both countries coping with obesity especially on the border.

Catholic church hopes pope’s visit inspires millennials

Catholic parishes across Arizona hope lingering excitement over Pope Francis’ visit will inspire lapsed Catholics who are millennials to return.