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Discipline and sacrifice: Taekwondo studio leads its students to better lives

CHANDLER – At the storefront NB Taekwondo & Fitness Center in Chandler, students of all ages stream through the door, looking to improve their coordination, burn off energy or get in shape. Johnny Nguyen hopes they will walk out with changed lives.

A child of two nations: Hope for ‘democracia’ in Peru spurs new parents

A newborn represents the vanguard of a new generation of Peruvians born to Venezuelan refugee parents

Red tape, chaos in Venezuela prevent ‘brain drain’ from aiding Peru

Venezuelan’s “brain drain” of medical professionals could benefit Peru, but bureaucracy and unrest in Venezuela pose huge obstacles.

Peru holds out some hope for Venezuelan migrants with HIV

As access to medication dwindles, Venezuelans with HIV flee to Peru in search of life-saving resources.

With Venezuela in turmoil, migrants and refugees turn to Peru

Peru has welcomed with open arms more than 700,000 Venezuelan migrants. The inflow is both a test and an opportunity for the country’s economy.

ASU women’s basketball hopes to lead Turner Thorne to first Final Four

PORTLAND – ASU women’s basketball hopes to lead Charli Turner Thorne to her first Final Four.

Florida or bust: Despite 2,000-mile journey, ASU women focused on NCAA Tournament

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Although others have complained that Arizona State was sent to the Coral Gables regional of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament, the Sun Devils are focused on winning.

Honoring tradition: All-Indian rodeo brings together tribes for riding and dancing

WHITERIVER – Each summer since 1925, Native people have gathered in Whiteriver to test their skills in the saddle and celebrate who they are.

Alzheimer’s disease also upends the finances and lives of those caring for patients

PHOENIX – More than 14 million people are expected to have Alzheimer’s by 2050, but the brain disease affects people of all ages as caregivers grapple with the social and financial costs of a devastating diagnosis.

Street medicine: Bringing health care to Phoenix’s unsheltered homeless

PHOENIX – As Phoenix’s unsheltered homeless population continues to grow, a new collaborative street medicine program connects those in need to existing health care services.

1.7 million votes and counting: Officials say wait until Thursday for results of McSally, Sinema Senate race

PHOENIX – Only a small fraction of votes separate Arizona Senate candidates McSally and Sinema. McSally is ticking ahead with 99 percent of precincts counted.

Early returns show McSally, Sinema race for Senate remains too close to call

PHOENIX – Early returns in the race for Arizona’s open U.S. Senate seat showed a sliver of votes separating Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, after a campaign featuring millions of dollars in attack ads and verbal sparring over patriotism, voting records and alleged lies.