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A child of two nations: Hope for ‘democracia’ in Peru spurs new parents

A newborn represents the vanguard of a new generation of Peruvians born to Venezuelan refugee parents

Arizona farmers can legally grow industrial hemp, but will they take the risk?

CASA GRANDE – Paco Ollerton, a third-generation cotton farmer, is carefully looking at growing industrial hemp – a crop that has attracted many with its environmentally friendly claims – this summer, as it will be legal to grow in the state May 31.

Lawsuits, rallies protest Trump declaration of national border emergency

WASHINGTON - Hundreds gathered outside the White House to protest President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border, a move the protesters called a "massive abuse of presidential power" that is not an actual emergency.

Move it: Educators encouraged by early results of Arizona recess law

PHOENIX – Recently passed Arizona recess law requiring two recess periods per day has already made a positive impact on students.

Border clashes in Tijuana have immigration advocates mobilized

PHOENIX – Asylum seekers face difficulties at the Mexican-American border with tear gas and border closures in Tijuana, but pro-immigrant groups want to help.

Foreign-born doctors are vital to Arizona’s rural communities

SHOW LOW – To fulfill their program requirement, foreign physicians are choosing to work in underserved areas, aiding many communities and people in need of medical services while these areas struggle to find more primary care physicians.

Phoenix Jewish community focuses on safety, solidarity after Pittsburgh massacre

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Jewish community is already planning on how they can make their synagogues safer after the Pittsburg massacre on Saturday that left 11 people dead.

Trump threat to use military to close the border met with skepticism

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump threatened to "seal the southern border" with troops if that's what it takes to stop the latest caravan of Central American migrants heading to the U.S., a tweet that was greeted skeptically in Washington where many saw it as a political ploy, not a policy statement.

One class at time: ‘Dreamers’ find it hard to afford college after court ruling

PHOENIX – The aftermath of the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that struck down in-state tuition for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients has placed a heavy financial burden to students wanting to continue their college education.

Arizona economic groups cheer new trade deal between U.S., Mexico and Canada

PHOENIX – Canada on Sunday agreed to join the United States and Mexico in the trade deal that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, and some Arizona officials applauded the decision.

New Trump plan would restrict green cards for immigrants who use public funds

PHOENIX – After the Trump administration announced potential new rules on public assistance for legal immigrants, lawyers and advocacy groups are advising immigrant families to seek legal counsel.

With grant gone, Pima County sheriff hints he’ll need local dollars for border efforts

TUCSON – After the Pima County Board of Supervisors rejected to approve a federal grant aimed at border patrolling, Sheriff Mark Napier has to find another way to get funding for his department.