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Mexico braces for Trump presidency

NOGALES, AZ - Manuel Pelayo, 25, crosses the border from Mexico to Arizona at least twice a week to buy groceries and other household items for his wife and three children. But following the U.S. presidential election he said he may shop on the U.S. side less often.

Will Trump presidency harm Nogales border economy?

NOGALES, Ariz. – As President-elect Donald Trump prepares for his January inauguration, business owners here face new uncertainties.

State officials extend condolences over Tucson native killed in Jordan

WASHINGTON - Arizona officials were extending their condolences for a Tucson native who was among three soldiers killed Friday when their "convoy came under fire entering a Jordanian military base," according to a Defense Department statement.

Native American group deflects stereotypes at Arizona State Fair

PHOENIX – Crispy corn dogs skewered on greasy sticks, Ferris wheels towering above the crowd, and toddler-sized teddy bears coveted as carnival-game prizes dominate Arizona State Fair culture.

Election 2016 reveals turmoil in white Christian America

PHOENIX – A vitriolic presidential race and a shrinking white Christian demographic in the U.S. have fractured the decades-old voting bloc of the religious right.

Latino organization to hold 2017 national convention in Phoenix

Seven years after organizing a 16-month boycott of Arizona over anti-immigration legislation, the National Council of La Raza will hold its 2017 national convention in Phoenix, NCLR president and CEO Janet Murguia said Friday.

Settlement of charges against Yavapai hospital called win for whistleblowers

WASHINGTON - A national expert on whistleblowers Wednesday welcomed the multimillion-dollar settlement of charges against the Yavapai Regional Medical Center as "a great example" of how the system should work.

Hospital Whistleblower

Trump stumps for ‘great America’ in Prescott Valley

PRESCOTT VALLEY - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pounded on familiar themes that he will create jobs, stop illegal immigration and work on "fixing our inner cities" Tuesday in his sixth visit to Arizona, exhorting Arizona supporters to help him keep America rich, strong and great by electing him on Nov. 8.

ASU Democrats race to register, lock in millennial voters for 2016 election

PHOENIX - Kaylan Fodor stood in the hot sun outside of the Arizona State University Memorial Union. Despite her efforts to stop them, students rushed past her.

Man who said Phoenix police forced him to eat pot wants answers from City Hall

PHOENIX – A Phoenix man who accused Phoenix police officers of forcing him to eat marijuana said Thursday he was physically sick and has had to seek counseling for post-traumatic stress.

Tribal leaders give Obama high marks for Native American relations

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama told tribal leaders Monday that they and his administration had come far since he took office eight years ago, but that there is still work to be done to solve problems in Indian Country.

Tribal Farewell

Workers cite harassment, retaliation in ‘toxic’ national parks

WASHINGTON - National Park Service employees continue to suffer from a "toxic" work culture that has allowed for rampant sexual misconduct and a culture of retaliation, park workers told a House committee Thursday.

Toxic Parks