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Microchip technology reunites Toto the cat with owner a year after disappearance

Victoria Tenorio lost Toto, her beloved cat of five years, for an entire year.

Hispanic entrepreneurs contribute $10 billion a year to Arizona economy

In five years Pilar and Carlos Calderon built a thriving childcare business that grew from serving four kids to maximum capacity.

Risks of concussion in youth ice hockey spur reforms, concerns

SCOTTSDALE – Michael Slavik is all smiles as he walks to the ice with his teammates.

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H1N1Flu cases spike significantly in Arizona this flu season compared to last

The number of confirmed flu cases in Arizona has increased 68 percent compared to the previous flu season, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services influenza summary report.

Phoenix seeks to curb water waste with participation in “Fix a Leak Week”

The Phoenix Water Services Department wants you to fix that leaky toilet - and to share your work with the world.

Water rates in Phoenix among lowest in nation, despite rate hike

WASHINGTON - If you live in Phoenix, you're probably paying one of the cheapest annual water bills in the country, even with the rate increase that took effect this month, according to a recent national report on public water systems.

Lawmakers challenge proposal to have Oak Flat listed as historic site

WASHINGTON - Supporters of a copper mine proposed for Oak Flat have been given until Friday to make the case that the area, deemed sacred by the San Carlos Apache, should not be designated a historic site.

Scottsdale Cactus League landmarks take fans back in time

SCOTTSDALE - It’s the early 1960s. You are with your father at the corner ice cream store and your favorite baseball player takes the seat next to you.

Time running low as supporters of sex ed inclusivity bill voice support

A bill that would eliminate Arizona’s ban on school districts including any discussion of homosexual sex in teaching the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is running out of time, according to the bill’s author.

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Supreme Court justices quiz both sides in Arizona redistricting case

WASHINGTON - A lawyer for a group of Arizona voters told the Supreme Court Tuesday that the state's redistricting commission violated the one-person, one-vote principle by packing some legislative districts with Republicans to give Democrats an edge elsewhere.

Midwives protest mandatory testing by Arizona Department of Health Services

The Arizona Association of Midwives filed a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Health Services on Nov. 5.

Arizona approved for cross-state bicycle route

Colorado resident Stephanie Heitz and her friends often travel to Arizona to take advantage of the winter weather and do some long-distance bicycling.