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Toilet water mold, fast food and futons: Many minor leaguers live below poverty line

Baseball is a $10 billion a year industry, but many of its minor leaguers live well below the poverty level.

As more Western cities turn to recycled water, they may face a curious obstacle: The ick factor

DENVER – Communities in some very dry states have had to get creative about where to get their water, sometimes purifying sewage into drinking water.

Phoenix partners with California company to turn palm fronds into feed for livestock

PHOENIX–Phoenix is working with California-based Palm Silage Inc. to divert 34,000 tons per year of palm fronds from landfills and reuse the vegetation as nutritional feed for livestock.

Lawn time ago: Tucson saves water with desert landscaping, synthetic grass

TUCSON – Tucson residents have looked to new landscaping options in order to conserve their use of water.

Gender gap in pay begins with children’s allowances, app maker’s analysis suggests

PHOENIX–Parents pay boys a weekly allowance twice as high as they give girls, according to a study from a Phoenix area company that sells an app to track children’s chores and finances.

Flush with success: Low-flow toilets are water-conservation champ

LONGMONT – In water conservation the modern toilet reigns as M.V.P. in cutting Western water use, give some props to the toilet.

‘Fight the bite’: August rains bring risk of mosquito-borne illnesses

PHOENIX — Preventing rainwater from pooling is a good way to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading disease, like the west nile.

Non-native tamarisk are demonized across the West, but are they really the enemy?

LONGMONT – A poster says “WANTED -- Dead, Not Alive!” The tree has become a scapegoat for our relationship with water in the West.

A weighty issue: NFL linemen must contend with post-football pounds

Maintaining optimal NFL weight of 300+ pounds – especially for players in the trenches – often requires unhealthy practices. When there’s no need to be that heavy, what do former players do?

How Arizona’s largest aquarium keeps its sharks happy, healthy

SCOTTSDALE – OdySea Aquarium depends on advanced filtration systems and tons of raw fish to keep its creatures alive and well in the middle of the desert.

July 24, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

Road work in the heat; a $30 million redevelopment grant; and more.

ADOT workers on South Mountain Freeway muscle through the summer heat

PHOENIX – As the summer heat kicks into high gear, the Arizona Department of Transportation is ensuring its 1,500 workers stay safe while constructing the long-envisioned South Mountain Freeway.