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Report: Mexican gray wolf is a subspecies, keeps endangered status

WASHINGTON -The endangered Mexican gray wolf is still endangered - for now - after a six-month National Academy of Sciences study determined that it is subspecies separate from other gray wolves, which just lost their endangered species status.

Task force to study abuse of tribal youth, after IHS doctor convicted

WASHINGTON - The White House unveiled a task force that is charged with finding ways to prevent the sexual abuse of children in the Indian Health Service, after an IHS pediatrician's conviction last year on four counts of abuse during stints on different reservations.

Democrats unveil bill to give DACA, TPS recipients path to citizenship

WASHINGTON - House Democrats unveiled legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 2 million immigrants protected under the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, Temporary Protected Status and other immigrant protection programs targeted by the White House.

From the grandstands to the couch: More high school games available online

PHOENIX – Popularity and availability increases for high school sports live online.

Targeting a killer: UA researchers discover potential birth control for mosquitoes

TUCSON – A University of Arizona research team discovered a protein in mosquitoes that could lead to mosquito birth control, reducing such mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and West Nile virus.

Has ASU baseball turned the corner? Sun Devils off to 8-0 start

TEMPE – Sun Devil baseball has used a small roster filled with powerful bats and versatile pitchers to jump to an early 8-0 start.

At Nogales ports of entry, CBP uses technology, and instincts, to detect drugs

NOGALES – The record-breaking fentanyl bust at a commercial port of entry in Nogales in late January was the result of a variety of technology CBP has been using for years.

AIA’s handling of playoff game scheduling after storm hits Prescott Valley draws criticism

PHOENIX – Scheduling decisions surrounding basketball tournament games in Prescott Valley, which was hit by a severe winter storm, have left many coaches and fans critical of the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

Senate bill would outlaw dropping off early ballots on Election Day

PHOENIX – Senate Bill 1046 would prevent voters who receive their early ballots in the mail from dropping them off on Election Day. Advocates say it would simplify elections and opponents say it would hamper voter rights.

Employees hustle ‘nonstop’ to meet blossoming demand for Valentine’s Day roses

PHOENIX – Workers at a Phoenix flower wholesale distributor say demand for Valentine’s Day roses has spiked in recent years.

Officials testify on climate change’s outsized effect on Indian Country

WASHINGTON - An Inupiaq witness said melting glaciers led to erosion around rural villages. A Quinault Indian Nation member said treaty-protected fishing has dried up. And a Tohono O'odham official said floods are stronger and droughts longer. All were testifying on the effects of climate change on Indian Country.

Late push for Salton Sea improvements complicates Colorado River drought plan

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Arizona approved a drought contingency plan ahead of a federal deadline Thursday, but the state and California still have work to do before the deal can be implemented. California is taking water from Lake Mead in case the plan fails.