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Shaken and stirred: NCAA transfer portal transforms Pac-12 basketball

LAS VEGAS – The transfer portal has shaken up the landscape of college athletics. See how the portal has made its impact on Pac-12 basketball for the 2023-24 season.

Photo of Pac-12 logo.

Business owners hopeful as Phoenix meets deadline to clean up ‘The Zone’

PHOENIX – The city of Phoenix has fulfilled a court-ordered Nov. 4 deadline to remove all tents and makeshift structures from the area around the Human Services Campus known as “The Zone,” and business owners in the area are hopeful.

A sign at 13th Avenue and Jefferson Street, next to Old Station Sub Shop, declares the area is “closed to camping.” (Photo by Hunter Fore/Cronkite News)

La Diócesis de Phoenix apoya la salud mental a través del ministerio

PHOENIX – En la Diócesis Católica Romana de Phoenix, la Oficina de Ministerio de Salud Mental aboga por y apoya la salud mental de sus feligreses.

Bishop John Dolan stands before the congregation at the Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral on N. 27th Avenue in Phoenix on Sept. 10, 2023 during the Mass of Remembrance for People Who Died by Suicide. (Photo by Deanna Pistono/Cronkite News)

The Diocese of Phoenix supports mental health through ministry

PHOENIX – At the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, the Office of Mental Health Ministry advocates for and supports the mental health of its parishioners.

Bishop John Dolan stands before the congregation at the Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral on N. 27th Avenue in Phoenix on Sept. 10, 2023 during the Mass of Remembrance for People Who Died by Suicide. (Photo by Deanna Pistono/Cronkite News)

Can Arizona lawmakers lower gas prices in the Valley? Not any time soon

PHOENIX – After a shortage of Cleaner Burning Gasoline earlier this year led to increased gas prices in Maricopa County, the Arizona Legislature held a hearing to determine whether Gov. Katie Hobbs’ administration was at fault and to discuss potential alternatives to the boutique gasoline.

Cleaner Burning Gasoline is required in parts of Arizona under a state implementation plan from 1997 to comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and the Clean Air Act. It is only sold in Maricopa County and parts of Pinal and Yavapai Counties. (File photo by Omar Iakub/Cronkite News)

U.S. Men’s Olympic soccer wraps up Phoenix training camp with 4-1 win vs. Japan

PHOENIX – Preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, the U.S. Men’s Olympic soccer team trained in Phoenix and won two international friendlies against Mexico and Japan.

U-23 men's team huddled during a match.

Court rejects attempt by Finchem, Lake to bar electronic voting machines

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court rejected an attempt by 2022 GOP candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem to stop Arizona's use of electronic voting machines, saying the claims did not raise a "real and immediate" threat of voter fraud.

As the sun sets at the Maricopa County Elections Department elections center in Phoenix, people are making last-minute stops to vote before the polls close at 7 p.m.. (Photo by Sophie Oppfelt/Cronkite News)

Los anticonceptivos estarán disponibles en las farmacias sin necesidad de receta, aumentando la accesibilidad para las mujeres de Arizona

PHOENIX – Los habitantes de Arizona ya no necesitarán una receta médica para acceder a anticonceptivos a través de una farmacia, lo que los hará más accesibles para quienes viven lejos de las instalaciones médicas, pero no será tan fácil como obtener productos de venta libre.

Birth control packet

Contraceptives will be available at pharmacies without a prescription, increasing accessibility for Arizona women

PHOENIX – Arizonans will no longer need a prescription to access birth control through a pharmacy, making it more accessible to those who live far from medical facilities, but it won’t be as easy as getting over-the-counter products.

Birth control packet

Hold my ax: NAU women’s cross-country team gaining national recognition

FLAGSTAFF – The NAU men’s cross-country team has built a dynasty with six national titles in seven years. Now the women are starting to build something special themselves as they are currently ranked No. 2 in the nation.

NAU women's cross-country runners running.

‘The violence needs to stop’: Arizona Jewish community beefs up security amid Israel-Hamas war

PHOENIX – Due to the latest war between Israel and Hamas, Jewish communities in Arizona have bolstered security. Supporters of Israel and Palestinian causes have organized rallies.

The Torah at Temple Kol Ami is pictured last month during the Jewish High Holy Days. “Today was one of the gravest and most devastating days in Israel’s history,” Temple Kol Ami Rabbi Jeremy Schneider wrote in a message to synagogue members. (File photo by Jacob Snelgrove/Cronkite News)

Arizona acuerda pagar cirugía de afirmación de género para empleados estatales

WASHINGTON – Los legisladores de Arizona dijeron que están "decepcionados" de que el estado haya acordado pagar las cirugías de afirmación de género para los empleados estatales en un decreto de consentimiento que resuelve años de litigio de demanda colectiva por parte de un profesor de la Universidad de Arizona.

Arizona incluirá la cobertura para cirugía de reasignación de género en su plan de salud para empleados estatales, bajo un decreto de consentimiento aprobado la semana pasada. El acuerdo pone fin a una demanda de derechos civiles contra el estado y hace permanente una política que la gobernadora Katie Hobbs había aprobado en una orden ejecutiva en junio. (Foto de archivo por Amy-Xiaoshi DePaola/Cronkite Noticias)