Indian Country

Despite gains, Native American employment still lags behind nation

WASHINGTON - Native American unemployment has fallen sharply, from 40 percent in 1968 to 12 percent in 2016, but that is still more than twice the national average at the time and experts say it masks pockets of high unemployment on reservations and rural areas where systemic challenges remain.

After decades, tribal courts, police slowly regaining lost authority

WASHINGTON - Decades after Congress and the courts sharply limited Native Americans of the ability to enforce their laws, lawmakers have only recently started to restore that authority to tribal courts and cops.

Future takes flight: Navajo youths copilot planes over the Grand Canyon

The teenage squadron of the Civil Air Patrol’s Arizona wing, named after a Navajo Code Talker, soared over the Grand Canyon in their first flights.

River dreams: Native female entrepreneur starts Grand Canyon rafting company

After fighting for nearly two decades, Patricia Cesspooch just started her own business on the Colorado river.

Bill to fund White Mountain Apache water project stalls – again

WASHINGTON - A bill to give the White Mountain Apache access to water-project funds stalled in the Senate over House language to exempt tribal businesses from National Labor Relations Board oversight, delaying a project the tribe has been trying to get off the ground since 2010.

Pascua Yaqui lead shift in tribal courts’ handling of domestic violence

WASHINGTON - A five-year-old law that let Native American tribes prosecute non-Natives in domestic violence cases "has fundamentally changed the landscape of tribal criminal jurisdiction in the modern era," according to a new report.

Death of 11-year-old Ashlynne Mike may bring Amber Alert to Native American reservations

A federal bill that would bring the AMBER Alert system, which notifies citizens that a child is missing or abducted, to Native American reservations is to be decided by President Trump's signature.

Ryan Zinke, tribal leaders discuss solutions to Native American opioid epidemic

Ryan Zinke came to Arizona to meet with tribal leaders to discuss solutions for opioid crisis, which affects Native Americans on a high scale.

Tribes, hit hardest by opioid crisis, have least access to federal help

WASHINGTON - Rural Native Americans have been significantly harder hit by the opioid crisis than any group in the nation, and the problem may be even worse than that because of racial misclassification on death certificates, federal data show.

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Full circle: Urban Native American family keeps Apache traditions alive through hoop dancing

An award-winning hoop dancing family holds on to tradition and shares their culture through dance.

Hands, heart and feet: Havasupai children write letters urging Trump to ban canyon mining

The Village of Supai, located inside the Grand Canyon, believes that its water supply will be affected by a uranium mine that sits above its watershed. The tribe is now working to try to stop mine production.

House gives final OK to bill extending AMBER alerts to Indian Country

WASHINGTON - The House gave final approval to a bill that will give tribes direct access to funds that will let them quickly post AMBER alerts to counties within reservation borders, a moves sparked by the 2016 abduction of Navajo girl.