What have your experiences been with Route 66?

For many years, a National Park Service preservation program has tried to preserve landmarks and tourist destinations along Route 66.

VA: Treating vets discharged ‘other than honorably’ can cut suicides

WASHINGTON - A program that lets veterans with other-than-honorable discharges get emergency mental health care is just one of the steps the Department of Veterans Affairs is taking to address increasing suicides by vets, the secretary said Wednesday.

Congress mulls military bills with fewest veteran members in decades

WASHINGTON - Since taking office in January, members of Congress have introduced nine separate pieces of legislation that deal with when and how the president should be allowed to use military force against terrorist groups abroad.

Dangerously hot: Phoenix opens 22 cooling stations to aid homeless, elderly

PHOENIX – Phoenix has opened more than 20 “cooling stations” around the city to offer bottled water, an air-conditioned building and other respite from the heat to people who are homeless, elderly or in need.

Arizona businesses like Trump tax plan, not its chances in Congress

WASHINGTON - Arizona business leaders are cautiously optimistic about the tax reforms outlined in President Donald Trump's fiscal 2018 budget proposal - but not so optimistic about its chances of passage as currently drafted.

Justa Center in Phoenix helps address ‘surge’ of older homeless population

PHOENIX – It can happen in an instant: You lose your job. You can’t pay your medical bills. You have an accident.

May 29, 2017 Newscast

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As democratic socialists gain momentum, Arizona Democrats try to ease ‘hurt’ feelings

PHOENIX – The election of President Donald Trump has ignited the progressive movement, sparking weekly marches and protests throughout his presidency.

Military veterans benefit from positive impact of jiu-jitsu

PHOENIX — Carlos Rojas served in the Navy -- he enlisted before the terrorist attacks on 9/11 -- and is now based in the Valley as an instructor of jiu-jitsu. He has seen how the sport can impact one’s life.

Flake bill would let U.S. military strike ‘non-state actors’ like ISIS

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine introduced a use-of-force resolution Thursday that would let the president take military action against "non-state actors" like al Qaeda, ISIS and other terror groups.

CBO: GOP health bill could cost 23 million coverage; 400,000 in Arizona

WASHINGTON - The Republican plan to replace Obamacare will force as many as 23 million Americans off health insurance over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office reported, with local experts predicting more than 400,000 of those will be in Arizona.

ACA Arizona

That’s a no to ‘ho, ho, ho’: Committee rejects Christmas tree on Camelback Mountain

PHOENIX – A nearly decade-old practice of hauling a Christmas tree to the top of Camelback Mountain may be halted, with a Phoenix committee saying a need to leave the recreational area pristine triumphs over tradition.