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Cross-border shooting in Nogales likely to turn on ruling in Texas case

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court will consider if a Mexican family can sue a Border Patrol agent who was standing in Texas when he fatally shot their teenage son who was in Ciudad Juarez - a ruling that will affect a nearly identical case in Nogales, where a Sonoran family is suing over their son's death.

Report: Arizona kids more fit than U.S. kids, but U.S. is pretty sorry

WASHINGTON - Arizona's schoolkids are doing better than their peers nationally when it comes to physical activity, according to a national report card.But that's nothing to brag about: The report card said kids nationwide are not even close to being active enough.

Supreme Court sides with Arizona firefighters in age-bias lawsuit

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court said two Arizona firefighters can sue the Mount Lemmon Fire District for age bias after being laid off when they were the oldest employees there, rejecting the department's claim that it is not subject to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.