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COVID-19 pandemic forces Mercury to cut players without seeing them

PHOENIX – The Mercury cut four players despite not having a training camp yet because of the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S., Mexico to limit ‘nonessential’ border crossings to stem COVID-19

WASHINGTON - The U.S. and Mexico will stop all "nonessential" border crossings after midnight Friday in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, but goods and essential workers will still be allowed to cross, the White House announced Friday.

When dad plays in the NHL: Children amused, confused by father’s job

GLENDALE – For children of NHL players past and present, grasping what their dad does for a living doesn’t happen until they’re older.

Ahead of ‘public charge’ change, advocates struggle to keep Hispanic families enrolled in benefits

PHOENIX – Advocates continue struggling to keep qualified Hispanic families enrolled in public programs like food stamps and cash assistance amid changes to the so-called public charge rule. The U.S. Supreme Court last month decided to let the rule take effect, and that happens on Feb. 24. It allows immigration officers to consider applicants’ use of public benefits, including Medicaid, in deciding to grant green cards, visas and changes in residency.

Native American leaders determined to prevent repeat of last census undercount

PHOENIX – National and local organizations, including the Phoenix Indian Center, are working to ensure a more accurate count for Native Americans in the 2020 census.

House overwhelmingly approves new trade agreement with Canada, Mexico

WASHINGTON - Just hours after a bitterly partisan impeachment vote, the House turned around Thursday and gave overwhelming bipartisan approval to a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement that could affect billions of dollars in annual trade for Arizona.

As golf takes center stage, ASU continues preparations for NCAA championships

PHOENIX – With ASU as the host site, Scottsdale’s Grayhawk golf course is hosting the 2020-22 NCAA golf championships.

I am woman, hear me ‘fore’: ASU golfers part of historic event at Augusta

TEMPE – Three members of the Arizona State women's golf team participated in an amateur tournament last week, the first time women have ever competed at Augusta, the traditional site of the Masters Tournament.

Arizona Corporation Commission: Rodney Glassman vows to restore integrity to regulatory board

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman is confident that his education in arid land resource sciences and environmental law, combined with his dedication to restoring integrity to the five-person board, will help him win in November.

Future takes flight: Navajo youths copilot planes over the Grand Canyon

The teenage squadron of the Civil Air Patrol’s Arizona wing, named after a Navajo Code Talker, soared over the Grand Canyon in their first flights.

Family struggles to care for daughter in wake of Puerto Rico power outages

A Puerto Rico couple struggles to care for Melissa Rivera, who has cerebral palsy and multiple maladies, in wake of Puerto Rico power outages.