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April 14, 2017: Social Refresh

Social Refresh: Cronkite News top broadcast stories of the week

HOA cites homeowners for hanging rainbow flag to celebrate diversity

CAVE CREEK - Ken Haycraft hung an American flag and a rainbow flag, which honors gay and transgender communities, inside a garage window to celebrate diversity.

American Indian Disability Summit connects youth and unemployed with services, training

PHOENIX – Doctors diagnosed Greggory Ohannessian with autism, a disorder characterized by challenges with speech and social skills, when he was 6 years old. Throughout his teen years, aids assisted him in school. In college, his sister helped him with social cues in the classroom.

Social Refresh: March 24, 2017

Social Refresh: Cronkite News top stories of the week

TGen concussion study of ASU football players may lead to better diagnosis, treatment

PHOENIX – A three-year study of the Arizona State University football team will help researchers develop tools to better diagnose and prevent sports-related concussions and other injuries or diseases.

Fortune 500 company Monsanto to grow GMO corn in Tucson

TUCSON – Tucson-area residents who oppose a Fortune 500 company’s plans to grow genetically modified crops at a new greenhouse in Marana won a partial victory.