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"Racial Divide," an in-depth look at race and policing in Arizona, is the fall 2017 graduate student project for Cronkite News. The students spent the past three months collecting data from Arizona law enforcement agencies, conducting dozens of interviews and examining the role race plays in policing our communities.

Venezuelan teens came to Arizona for basketball, but were left homeless

BUCKEYE - They were teenagers from Venezuela, drawn to Arizona’s Elite 1 Academy with hopes of playing college basketball or making it to the NBA.

Luis Velasquez and Robinson Dominguez

From disconnection to opportunity: Zip Code Project aims to reconnect the ‘disconnected youth’ of Arizona

MARYVALE — Teen pregnancy, difficult living situations, immigration status and mental or physical disabilities are some of the reasons young people in the United States become ‘disconnected.'

Christopher Dickenson addresses community leaders

What Maria washed away: Puerto Ricans resettle in Arizona

FOUNTAIN HILLS — Maria Torres sat in her daughter’s living room remembering the day Hurricane Maria made landfall in her town of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, and changed her life forever.


Through open mic, Valley community bands together to help those still affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

PHOENIX — Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico roughly 36 days ago, a number etched in Amber Cordoba’s mind as she thinks about the destruction and chaos faced day after day by those still on the island.

Open Mic

Candlelight vigil in Phoenix brings awareness and lights up the topic of mental illness

PHOENIX — “Let’s all take one deep breath together, and I’d like you to turn to the person to the left, or right of you and I’d like you to say to them, ‘I’m glad you’re here and I will not forget this moment,’” said Jenny McLellan, in front of those who attended the 22nd Annual Candlelight Celebration for Mental Health Awareness in downtown Phoenix.

Annual Candlelight Celebration for Mental Health booths

In the face of tragedy, Phoenix community offers a message of love

PHOENIX — Jose Guadalupe Conchas stood in front of five candles adorned with black roses, and carefully lit each one as a symbolic tribute to the recent string of disasters, natural and man-made.


Choreographer shows power of street dance activism

PHOENIX — Dance has long been considered a physical form of socialization and fun.

Hands clasped

Consul of Mexico in Phoenix expresses appreciation for help, says more is needed

SCOTTSDALE — Nearly three days after a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit central Mexico, efforts to find victims trapped in the rubble and help survivors continue.

Claudia Franco

White privilege isn’t so black and white

PHOENIX – To community members and Valley residents who gathered at First Church UCC to discuss ‘white privilege,’ the topic is no black and white matter.

Community church members

Film screening in Tempe opens door to discussion of portrayal of Latinas in media

TEMPE — A film about a young Latina in Los Angeles torn between her personal ambitions and her conservative family’s expectations opens the door to a conversation about the need for the authentic portrayal of Latinas in film.

DACA: The process and the impact of its possible removal

PHOENIX — In a waiting game full of anxiety and uncertainty, thousands of DACA recipients in Arizona are waiting to see if the Trump administration will rescind the program that has allowed them to stay legally in the country they call home.

DACA signs