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Venciendo el calor: Entrenadores y médicos deportivos toman medidas para proteger a atletas de Arizona

PHOENIX – Phoenix ha experimentado temperaturas consecutivas por encima de los 110 grados a medida que olas de calor abrasadoras e históricas barren el suroeste. A pesar de ello, la temporada de fútbol americano continúa y la salud y la seguridad de los atletas son la máxima prioridad.

Youth Sports: Issues & Progress

Many children take up a sport from a young age, whether they enjoy the game, they want to make friends, or they aim to go pro. However, many student athletes undergo serious amounts of pressure from their parents, coaches, and society.

Club sports provide access to recruiters, but are costly to families

PHOENIX - Every February, hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators from around the United State converge on the Reach 11 Sports Complex in northern Phoenix to compete in one of the largest soccer tournaments in the country.

Do you exercise in the Arizona heat?

The heat in Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, finds a way to affect everyone.