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12 Valley police agencies join program linking to video-doorbell owners

WASHINGTON - A dozen Valley police departments are among 400 in the U.S. partnering with video-doorbell maker Ring to connect police and local homeowners who use the company's technology, raising concerns among some privacy advocates. But police say the program is safe and helps solve crime.

Arizona lawmakers deliver messages with State of the Union guests

WASHINGTON - Lawmakers can each bring a guest to the State of the Union address and most do it to send a subtle - or not so subtle - message. Arizona lawmakers are no different, with guests including a Border Patrol agent and a DACA, a teacher and a conservative talk show host.

Arizonans got 78.3 million robocalls in June, part of a boom nationwide

WASHINGTON = Robocalls skyrocketed for every area code in Arizona in the first half of this year, reaching 78.3 million calls in June alone, according to a new report that said the state mirrored a national spike, where robocalls totaled 4.1 billion for June.

All in a (12-hour) day’s work: Lawmakers log long hours despite gridlock

WASHINGTON - With the House on recess for August and Congress gridlocked, it's easy to think that lawmakers aren't working hard but that confuses their work product with their work ethic, said one expert, who points to a study showing House members typically work 70 hour weeks.

Analysts downplay Trump threat to shut down government over immigration

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump repeated a threat to shut down the government this fall if Congress does not approve the immigration reforms he wants, including funding for a border wall, but analysts say the threat is likely little more than a political ploy.