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Bittersweet exit for Sam Thomas as Arizona women eliminated in NCAA Tournament

TUCSON – It was a sad day for sixth-year senior Sam Thomas, as Arizona suffered another slow start against North Carolina, and this time it came back to bite the Wildcats. The Tar Heels dominated in all facets during a lopsided 63-45 victory that propelled North Carolina to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2015.

Softball community faces its toughest opponent yet: COVID-19

PHOENIX – The softball community, from high school athletes to college stars, are finding their dreams squashed by the coronavirus.

Battles over Props 127, 305 and Senate seat, with last-minute push for voters

PHOENIX – As voters head to the polls on Election Day, Maricopa County elections officials are pledging problem-free voting and election advocates are making a final push among Latinos and other residents. Newcomer candidates clamoring for votes include teachers and Native American women.

As we live longer, what will happen to quality of life?

Medicine and technology can extend lives, but a great quality of life requires involvement with family and friends.


Touch learning + community = independence for kids with Down syndrome

SCOTTSDALE – A sensory touch technique can help people diagnosed with Down syndrome learn math and other lessons more readily, according to the leaders of a local nonprofit.

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Volunteers give back in day of service honoring Sept. 11 victims

PHOENIX – Dozens of volunteers dig trenches in a half-empty lot on the anniversary of Sept. 11, surrounded by the scent of dirt and sweat as the skeleton of a house looms over them.