After the flames: Santa Catalina Mountains rebounding from Bighorn Fire a year ago

TUCSON – A year later, plants and wildlife are returning to the Santa Catalina Mountains after one of the state’s largest wildfires destroyed nearly 120,000 acres.

AZ goes EV: Rate of electric car ownership relatively high in Arizona

WASHINGTON - Arizona had 28,770 registered electric vehicles in June, government data shows, the seventh-highest number among states. When ownership is measured per 1,000 residents, Arizona inches up a notch to sixth place, with just over four EVs per 1,000 people.

Fireworks still on tap despite ‘crazy hot, potentially dry’ July 4th

WASHINGTON - With the pandemic winding down, cities and towns across the state are looking toward a more typical Fourth of July this year - and typical in Arizona means balancing the desire for fireworks against the potential for wildfire.