First lady urges COVID vaccinations as delta variant surfaces in Arizona

PHOENIX – First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff stress the importance of community protection from COVID-19 as health officials express confidence that wider immunizations will keep the delta variant from running wild.

Heat stroke vs. heat exhaustion: How to know which is which

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, nearly 3,000 people go to the emergency room every year due to heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Here's how to know when you're experiencing what, and the best ways to avoid them.

With the country reopening while COVID’s still out there, how safe is it to fly?

PHOENIX – As more Americans get vaccinated, travel is picking up for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. But does your dose really make it OK to fly commercially? Experts say it’s safer than you might think.

Arizona groups mobilize to help India through its COVID-19 crisis

PHOENIX – Indian Americans in Arizona are providing much needed resources to help India navigate a spike in COVID-19 cases. Organizations are sending food, money, oxygen tanks and mental health assistance to help Indians navigate the pandemic.

Shipping sage and praying on Zoom: How an Indigenous healing practice survived the pandemic

PHOENIX – For centuries, Native Americans have used talking circles to solve problems and provide healing. During the pandemic, these practices moved online and outdoors to help those in need.

Navajo have COVID-19 under control, but still leery of Delta variant

WASHINGTON - The Navajo Nation has yet to record a single case of the Delta variant of COVID-19, but now is not the time for tribe members to let down their guard, Navajo President Jonathan Nez said Wednesday.

What is ‘brain fog,’ and why are COVID-19 long-haulers more susceptible?

PHOENIX – The National Institutes of Health is working to answer such questions as why do some COVID-19 patients experience more severe symptoms, and why some survivors experience "brain fog."

Arizona kids’ health, schooling fare poorly – again – in annual report

WASHINGTON - Despite gains in some areas, Arizona continued to rank among the worst states in the nation for education, according to the latest version of a national report that measures children's wellbeing across several areas.

Clarendon Elementary School photo

Can’t smell because of COVID-19? Retraining your nose might work, experts say

PHOENIX – Nearly 75% of COVID-19 patients experienced some loss of smell, but most got it back within a few weeks. For those still suffering, treatments to retrain the nose show promise.

Advocates: Affordable Care Act here to stay, as more Arizonans enroll

WASHINGTON - Arizona advocates are breathing "a sigh of relief" this week after the Supreme Court again refused to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, a decision that should preserve the health care program for at least several years.

Should we be concerned about new COVID-19 outbreaks around the globe?

PHOENIX – As some countries begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions, what’s the risk of an additional, and deadlier, surge? Experts say variants and varying vaccination rates will determine the chances around the globe.

From doughnuts to cash to … pot? Incentives rise as vaccination rates slide

MESA – With vaccination rates declining, public and private entities are trying to reverse the trend. From free doughnuts to cold, hard cash, individuals stepping up to get pricked can be rewarded in many ways.