‘She’s got a part of us with her’: Donor family confident son’s heart is in the right place

PHOENIX - ASU freshman Olivia Eisenhauer waited two years for a heart transplant after suffering two cardiac arrest episodes. With a new lease on life thanks to the heart of a 22-year old accident victim, Eisenhauer has no plans to stop from pursuing her dream as a sports broadcaster

Vaccinating the homeless: Some have received doses, others await their turn

LOS ANGELES - The homeless community is among the most at-risk communities facing COVID-19. Many still await their vaccines – from Phoenix to Los Angeles.

The deadliest year: Overall death toll grew by 25% in Arizona in 2020

WASHINGTON - Total deaths in Arizona rose 25% from 2019 to 2020, with some counties seeing increases near 50% for the year in which COVID-19 became the state's top killer. While COVID-19 is likely the main cause, it may have driven an increase in other deaths, too.

Expert: COVID-19 cases may have leveled off after deadly winter surge

WASHINGTON - COVID-19 cases in Arizona may have reached a plateau after a deadly two-month surge, one health expert said Wednesday, but that does not mean the pandemic is under control.

Federal committee recommends more research, care for patients with sickle cell

PHOENIX – A comprehensive report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine calls for more research and treatment for sickle cell disease.

A year after first case in Arizona, COVID-19 is now a leading killer

WASHINGTON - COVID-19 is on the verge of becoming the leading cause of death in Arizona, surpassing cancer and closing in on heart disease, according to the latest data from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Medical schools face calls for more change as states declare racism a threat to public health

PHOENIX – As states declare racism a public health crisis and launch efforts to address institutional racism, experts are looking to medical schools to combat disparities in health care.

As Americans roll up their sleeves, here’s how three COVID-19 vaccines compare

PHOENIX – COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have met the same standards set by the FDA, but each is different in makeup and how it fights the virus.

Flurry of Biden orders on COVID-19 raise some doubts, but more hopes

WASHINGTON - Almost half of the 24 executive orders President Joe Biden signed in his first two days in office dealt with COVID-19, which White House officials say shows their top priority. But Biden cautions that solving the problem will take time.

Health officials ramp up COVID-19 vaccines with new sites, eligibility

WASHINGTON - The Arizona Department of Health Services said Friday it is expanding its COVID-19 vaccination programs, adding distribution at pharmacies and at a second state-run site in the East Valley and broadening the number of people eligible for the vaccine.

Arizona attempts unprecedented mass vaccination as COVID-19 surges

PHOENIX – Arizona health officials have opened a 24-hour drive-thru vaccination site at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, as part of efforts to get the COVID-19 shot to more people more quickly.

For the love of animals: High suicide rates reflect the many stresses of veterinarians

Veterinarians have a much higher suicide rate than the general public, which is something many vets are reluctant to talk about. Advocates say the veterinary field must do more to address the issue.