July 28, 2020, Newscast

Robots help with COVID-19 tests; insurers address school liability; sports announcers adjust

July 27, 2020, Newscast

Vaccine testing underway; AZ poll has Biden leading Trump; heat advisory

July 24, 2020, Newscast

CDC guidance favors opening schools; Rising FC plays on problematic field

July 23, 2020, Newscast

Ducey talks schools reopening; two Confederacy monuments removed; comet Neowise gets close to Earth

July 22, 2020, Newscast

Rare condition pops up among children exposed to COVID-19; effects of no fans on athletes

July 21, 2020, Newscast

Scientists examine COVID-19 antibody therapy; voter opinions on marijuana legalization shift

July 20, 2020, Newscast

States report alarming coronavirus numbers; NFL players speak out as training camps get underway

July 17, 2020, Newscast

Coronavirus task force: Arizona in red zone; sign up for free saliva test; high school football recruiting goes virtual

July 16, 2020, Newscast

Morgues prepare for worst; UArizona releases fall plan; Mercury stars discuss season

July 15, 2020, Newscast

States pause reopening; virus lives on masks; former DBacks player becomes YouTube star

July 14, 2020, Newscast

Educators urge Ducey to postpone school start; White House introduces jobs campaign; Phoenix Rising plays second game

July 13, 2020, Newscast

Reopening schools debate; unemployment benefits vanish; Washington football team name change