COVID-19 in Arizona: State surpasses 100,000 cases

Bombs bursting online: Towns work to balance fireworks, COVID-19 safety

Arizona business leaders have high hopes as USMCA takes effect

‘Help is on the way’: Pence makes house call to Arizona amid COVID-19 surge

Responding to surge, Ducey orders bars, theaters closed, delays school reopening

Arizona elections officials defend mail-in voting after Trump’s criticism

Arizona lawmakers split on party lines as House passes police reform bill

Williams joins chiefs, mayors seeking ways to improve police-community relations

COVID-19 in Arizona: Ducey stands firm on staying open, urges Arizonans to ‘do the right thing’

COVID-19 in Arizona: 79 deaths sets record for single-day reporting

Trump tours, touts border wall; critics blast his ‘little pep rally’ in midst of pandemic

Immigration advocates criticize Trump’s new visa restrictions

Trump in Yuma to mark 216 miles of border wall, still a work in progress

COVID-19 in Arizona: Phoenix mayor says mask requirements won’t be enforced at Trump rally

COVID-19 in Arizona: Phoenix City Council votes to mandate masks

Census field workers back on Navajo Nation, with work cut out for them

Ducey recommends mask use, tells cities and counties to make and enforce local rules

COVID-19 in Arizona: Medical professionals urge mask mandate

COVID-19 in Arizona: Native American communities hit harder than some states, research finds

Mayors: COVID-19 followed by second ‘pandemic’ of police relations

Ducey says state will keep reopening despite surge in COVID-19 cases

Floyd’s brother testifies to House, as lawmakers debate best way forward

Arizona Democrats among those backing sweeping police reform bill

Phoenix Council OKs budget with $3 million for new police review office

Phoenix Council rejects plan to boost funds for police oversight

GOP eyeing new convention sites, raising hopes of Arizona officials

Arizona lawmakers see Trump pledge to deploy troops as a promise – or a threat

‘I can’t breathe’: Protesters take to the streets of Phoenix

Phoenix officials issue warning to protesters: Officers will not tolerate criminal activity

Mayors glad to get COVID-19 relief funding, wish it had arrived sooner

COVID-19 in Arizona: Schools and youth sports to reopen; death toll at 857

Cities, counties to get $441 million in direct COVID-19 relief funds

Mexico changes renewable energy rules, citing COVID-19 pandemic

Report: Treasury formula for COVID-19 funding shortchanges some tribes

Buckeye bumped from top spot; Valley cities still post big population gains

Scottsdale mayor says COVID-19 hurt U.S. ‘psyche’ along with economy

No pressing the flesh, but candidates learn to campaign under COVID-19

State taking steps to reopen economy, but reviving it could take years

Trump’s Phoenix trip first in weeks, as he aims to ‘move around’ more

COVID-19 in Arizona: Trump to visit Phoenix mask maker during Ducey stay-home order

Plan to ‘revive’ uranium mining called unneeded, unwanted by advocates

COVID-19 in Arizona: Mayors will await governor’s lead on reopening state

Upstart head start: Some challengers better funded than incumbents

COVID-19 in Arizona: Testing allowed for more people under new guidelines

House OKs $484 billion in COVID-19 relief, loans could go out this week

COVID-19 in Arizona: Elective surgeries to resume, despite projected peak in mid-May

Critics say Trump order on immigration does little but stir up anxiety

President Trump sits in Oval Office, reading a printed memo.

More questions than answers to Trump threat of immigration suspension

COVID-19 in Arizona: Ducey ‘cautiously optimistic’ about reopening next month, single-day death toll hits a record 21

COVID-19 in Arizona: Protesters demand that Arizona reopen; experts say far more testing is needed first

Tribal leaders struggle against ‘very slow’ allocation of COVID-19 aid

Businesses hurry up and wait, as relief funds dry up, new fund stalls

Trump taps three Arizona lawmakers for ‘opening America again’ group

Arizona Supreme Court, coping with COVID-19, hears first case via video

COVID-19 in Arizona: State to provide antibody tests to first responders, add drive-thrus for public

COVID-19 in Arizona: Navajo leaders exposed to illness; state to get 100 ventilators from FEMA stockpile

Sanders drops out, but Arizona supporters say they are still in the fight

COVID-19 in Arizona: Two inmates test positive; state gets a ‘C’ in social distancing

Rx for a feud: Ducey COVID-19 treatment order splits health officials

COVID-19 in Arizona: Immigration employees test positive, small-business evictions halted

Citizenship Rush

DACA recipients still can renew despite closure of citizenship offices nationwide

Kirkpatrick says Air Force targets Davis-Monthan for bulk of A-10 cuts

COVID-19 in Arizona: Weekend surge in cases, but flu threat appears less this year

Judges call for all immigration courts to close in wake of coronavirus

Down for the count: Tribes’ Census response lags far behind state, U.S.

COVID-19 in Arizona: Detainees call for immigration courts to halt in-person hearings

COVID-19 in Arizona: Unemployment checks with an extra $600 could come next week

Brnovich weighs in as Ducey’s ‘stay home’ order takes effect statewide

COVID-19 in Arizona: Ducey’s stay-at-home order isn’t enough, some elected officials say

Trump signs $2 trillion relief bill hours after House rushes it through

COVID-19 in Arizona: Coronavirus now ‘widespread,’ could peak in late April

Senate approves historic $2 trillion economic stimulus package

Arizonans stuck in Peru, like thousands hit by COVID-19 border closures

Maricopa County ranks No. 2 for potential census undercount, report says

Mayors ‘flabbergasted’ at list of services Ducey order would protect

COVID-19 in Arizona: No shelter-in-place, beware of home remedies

Economic stimulus bill stalls in Senate, as Democrats, Republicans feud

Mr. Smith goes home from Washington: Hill offices adapt to teleworking

After clear victory in Arizona, Biden looks to be in control

Senate OKs COVID-19 bill mandating paid leave, readies new relief bill

Biden wins Arizona primary in apparent three-state sweep of Sanders

Despite COVID-19, poll officials report steady turnout, smooth voting

Small-business leaders upset as House passes second coronavirus bill

Officials say primary voting will go on, with COVID-19 precautions

Ballot zombies: Early voters’ choices made moot by Democratic shakeup

Court ruling on Cuccinelli reverses – for now – limits on asylum claims

Endorse check: Value of Arizona endorsements mixed in presidential race

Sanders reaches for inclusivity, slams Biden at Phoenix rally

Plan to equip all DPS officers with body cameras has some public advocates skeptical

Trump touts economic accomplishments to receptive Latino business group

House passes $8.3 billion coronavirus bill; Biggs one of two ‘no’ votes

Knowledge of the Holocaust wanes for millennials, Gen Z

Advocates think health care funds safe – for now – but worry about trend

Socialism shares stage with conservatism at annual CPAC conference

Court rejects claim that Ducey’s pick of McSally was unconstitutional

Court refuses to vacate Arpaio conviction, but limits its future impact

2020 election changes include new equipment for Maricopa County, a switch from arrows to ovals

Senate Poll

Kirkpatrick returns to Capitol after taking leave for alcohol treatment

Maricopa County becomes largest county to approve Second Amendment sanctuary measure

$13 and rising: Flagstaff grapples with highest minimum hourly wage in Arizona

Supreme Court refuses to hear Arizona challenge to California tax law

FEC filings show Arizonans favor Trump, Sanders with campaign dollars

In early battleground states, Bloomberg’s partner addresses old allegations of harassment

Pro-refugee resolution passes Arizona Senate after push from local activists

Rally tallies: Campaigns come to town, often leave unpaid bills behind

Trump swipes at foes, touts record, vows to hold Arizona in November

Cheers and jeers: Trump supporters, opponents gear up for his Phoenix rally

DHS waives more regulations to speed construction of border wall

What you need to know about Trump’s visit to Phoenix on Wednesday

Democrats bring presidential debate to Phoenix, days before primary

‘There’s nothing to be afraid of’: Arizonans gear up for the 2020 census

Lawmakers blast plan to shift $3.8 billion from Pentagon to border wall

Divided House votes to reset deadline to ratify Equal Rights Amendment

McSally officially enters costly, high-profile race to keep Senate seat

Panel says Grijalva can subpoena ‘stonewalling’ administration officials

‘What’s old is new again’: Advocates say tribal voting hurdles remain

Arizona officials keep an eye out, as Defense budget again targets A-10

Sharp: Tribal sovereignty still threatened from ‘every corner’

Early-voting bill would disenfranchise many Arizonans, protesters contend

Sinema, McSally fall in line with parties as Senate acquits Trump

Arizonans among surprise Trump guests for State of the Union address

State of disunion: Arizona lawmakers react to Trump speech at tense time

Guesting game: Lawmakers send messages with State of the Union guests

Trump vows ‘positive’ State of the Union; analysts aren’t so sure

Bloomberg: ‘The road to the White House runs through Arizona’

Sinema, McSally split as Senate rejects call for impeachment witnesses

Phoenix replacing more diesel-fueled garbage trucks with environmentally friendlier natural gas vehicles

Biggs, Schweikert cross aisle as House trims president’s war powers

Bill would expand anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQ community statewide

Jury duty: After week of sitting, senators take active impeachment role

Court voids state ‘ballot harvesting’ ban, out-of-precinct voting rule

Arizonans join thousands – and, in a first, a president – at March for Life

Gallego discusses challenge of affordable housing in booming Phoenix

Despite distracted-driving law, Arizona still ranks low on highway safety

Mesa’s Giles leads panel of mayors grappling with immigration policy

Tucson Elections

DNC sees Maricopa County voters as key to making Arizona a 2020 battleground

As impeachment trial begins, Arizonans play official, unofficial roles

New rules on school prayer, religious groups, hailed and assailed

Arizona one of seven state legislatures Democrats target for takeover

Anti-social media: McSally brush-off of reporter as ‘hack’ goes viral

Arizona lawmakers vote on party lines to forward impeachment to Senate

Lawmakers send well-wishes as Kirkpatrick seeks care for alcohol dependence

Arizona lawmakers, House, split on vote demanding end to attacks on Iran

As state looks to redistricting after 2020, painful lessons from 2010

For seventh straight decade, Arizona should gain House seat from Census

Help wanted, and wanted, and wanted: Census to hire 57,000 in Arizona

Census studied citizenship question even after losing in Supreme Court

Despite relatively short tenure, Arizona delegation making waves

Loosely knit organizations along U.S.-Mexico border support deported vets

Both sides left wanting by 2020 budget’s $1.375 billion for border wall

Parties ratchet up rhetoric against lawmakers after impeachment vote

Arizona lawmakers split, as House takes historic vote to impeach Trump

Arizona veterans of 1998 impeachment see similarities, deeper divides

Debate continues over BLM move as workers face decision deadline

Democrats go to court to gain top listing on Arizona ballots

Climate activists call for Phoenix, cities around the world, to declare emergency

Navajos express mixed opinions on Trump impeachment probe

Arizona lawmakers follow party line in impeachment hearing questioning

Family, country – Suns? Arizona lawmakers on what they’re thankful for

Arizona poll: Republicans, Democrats far apart on immigration, gun control, climate

Skeletal spectacle: Victoria, the world’s largest touring T. rex, debuts in Phoenix

Impeachment impasse: Few minds appear changed by weeks of testimony

House panel OKs pot decriminalization, as poll shows support in Arizona

Volker defends role in talks between White House, Ukrainian government

‘Broken promises’ report details government’s history of failing tribes

Advocates aim to energize Latino voters, as their clout at polls grows

High-profile public impeachment hearings get off to a low-decibel start

It’s on: Democrats name Arizona a battleground, GOP says it’s ready

Trump boasts of record judicial appointment pace, promises more to come

Tucson voters handily reject sanctuary city proposition

Swing state 2020: With the election a year off, Arizona could become a key player

Arizona lawmakers split by party, as House OKs next impeachment steps

Manufacturing jobs now outnumber construction jobs in Arizona, Ducey says

Democrats roast CIS head over plan to end ‘medical deferred action’

No money, no lights: Shutoff of senior woman’s electricity leads to calls for reform

‘Operation Kayla Mueller’ stirs memories of Arizonan killed in Syria

Arizona joins more than 40 other states in antitrust probe of Facebook

Arizonans among House Republicans who stormed impeachment hearing

Officials: State making gains on teacher vacancies, still has way to go

Census officials will work to accurately count all communities in 2020

McSally to pen memoir – just in time for her 2020 Senate bid

Fundraising shows Schweikert down, but analysts say he’s not out yet

Impeach Trump? Not an option for his supporters at Capitol Hill rally

Lawmakers optimistic for bill on National Museum of the American Latino

Senate approves Arizonan Barrett as fourth female Air Force secretary

Schweikert among 129 House Republicans who join rebuke of Trump on Syria

Breakfast and a side of bipartisanship: Lawmakers revive get-together

Despite ICE detainer ruling, business as usual for Arizona sheriffs

Arizona lawmakers join critics of Trump’s troop withdrawal from Syria

Town hollow: Report says lawmakers had few town halls; GOP had none

CBP: Close to 1 million apprehended at southern border in fiscal 2019

‘Stop the Madness’ GOP rally criticizes AZ Dems for backing impeachment inquiry

Volker quits McCain Institute, fears Ukraine testimony ‘a distraction’

Volker resigns from McCain Institute, says impeachment testimony ‘becoming a distraction’

South Phoenix business owners wary of light rail expansion, seek city assistance

Trump sees treason in whistleblower, but it’s not so clear-cut to ASU prof

Biggs take reins of Freedom Caucus at tough time for conservatives

Yee, in Washington, backs $5 billion tax credit plan for school choice

Tucson Elections

Restrictive election laws, lack of polls hamper Native American voters, leaders say

Barrett nomination, despite hiccup, expected to proceed through Senate

Volker steps down from State Department role, stays at McCain Institute

ICE officials say immigration crackdowns don’t make them the ‘bad guys’

Congress again voids Trump’s border emergency declaration; veto likely

Arizona lawmaker brings personal story, gun-reform plea to Washington

Syrian Arizona

Trump administration reduces numbers, tightens criteria for refugees

March for Our Lives Arizona honors gun-violence victims, plans next steps on reforms

Both sides now: Arizonans rally to stake out opposing border positions

Lawmakers agree Trump should turn over documents, disagree on end goal

Start of missing, murdered women panel moving ‘at speed of bureaucracy’

Pelosi backs impeachment inquiry, Arizona delegation members not swayed

Despite ‘modest gains,’ schools continue to see severe teacher shortage

Census says 55,000 Arizonans lost health insurance coverage last year

Sinema censure effort stalls; progressives say they made their point

McCain, McSally: State at forefront on human trafficking, more work remains

Audit shows deep, worsening trauma for migrant children in custody

Tribal leaders, lawmakers chide FCC for lack of progress on broadband

Phoenix business owner says SBA can do more to help small firms launch

Giffords report claims gun violence in Arizona costs state billions

Forgone forgiveness: New try at student loan repayment shows few gains

Arizona Supreme Court: Freedom of speech trumps anti-discrimination law

Ducey brings pitch for new North American trade deal to Washington

Businesses welcome, environmentalists dread end of Obama-era water rule

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em: Flavored vape ban alarms Arizona retailers

Air Force nominee Barrett gets gentle treatment at confirmation hearing

House panel’s votes on gun bills give likely preview of battles to come

Never forget: Phoenix commemorates 18th anniversary of 9/11

Syrian Arizona

Advocates alarmed by reports administration may lower refugee cap again

House members again push ‘born-alive’ abortion bill, despite long odds

Border apprehensions fell sharply, but still at highest level in years

Mesa mayor, others in Washington to urge action on gun background checks

Ethics panel releases details of new probe of GOP Rep. David Schweikert

Report: Using funds to keep parks open in government shutdown violated law

State GOP looks to clear nomination path for Trump by canceling primary

Deferred action on DACA: Program lives on; advocates worry for how long

Navajo council votes to oppose possible HUD limits on home-loan program

New rules expand hunting on most national wildlife refuges in Arizona

March for Our Lives Arizona steps into gun violence fray in communities of color

Yuma border projects get Pentagon funding, as Fort Huachuca takes a hit


Arizona to get $20 million of $1.8 billion fed fund to fight opioids

12 Valley police agencies join program linking to video-doorbell owners

State boards waste little time approving professional licenses under new law

Arizona officials fear fallout as new tariffs on Chinese goods start

Deadlines loom for Navajo looking to take part in land buy-back program

The tough gets tougher: McSally again faces primary race in Senate bid

Rosemont copper mine suffers another setback in decade of legal battles

Experts: $20 million for school suicide prevention welcome, more needed

DHS plan to close Flores ‘loophole’ likely to get tied in knots

Phoenix light rail to expand with the defeat of Prop 105

Disability service providers feel overlooked in state-Flagstaff wage spat

A year later, some efforts to honor McCain move forward as others stall

Court upholds ruling that town conspired with fundamentalist church

Protesters, proponents and the cultural clash over Phoenix police

Without federal disaster aid, states are left to fend for themselves

Wildfire-vulnerable communities search for ways to live with growing threat

Goodyear mayor sides with Nike in dispute involving Ducey, controversial shoe

Phoenix police roll out more body cameras; 950 officers now have them

Trump vows Census will ask citizenship; critics decry ‘scare tactics’

Phoenix to look into new system to track, measure police conduct

Protesters gather across Arizona to demand officials close immigrant detention centers

Emergency border funds get final OK, after some odd political turns

Supreme Court rejects – for now – citizenship question on 2020 Census

Arizona lawmakers split as House, Senate pass emergency border funds

Law firm releases details on 109 Catholic clergy accused of sexual abuse in Phoenix

Maricopa County approves updates to vote-counting system to avoid snafus

‘It’s our turn’: Phoenix police supporters rally outside City Hall

Critics attack Trump administration push to expedite uranium mining

Arizona acupuncture board takes on the opioid crisis

Giffords back on Capitol Hill to push for vote on background-check bill

Arizona National Guard chief defends role of troops at border

Environmental groups call for McSally to support climate change proposal

Phoenix budget approved after 3 hours of anger, pain and demands for police reform

Frustrated Phoenix residents make voices known after viral police video

Coconino official urges feds to live up to responsibility to fund parks

Trump’s pledge to quickly deport ‘millions’ earns praise, provokes alarm

Family suing Phoenix for police brutality rejects apologies from mayor, chief

Arizona lawmakers Grijalva, Schweikert focus of House ethics probes

Arizona ranks 46th for childhood well-being, Kids Count report says

Ducey, at White House, touts benefits of new occupational licensing law

Report: Undocumented immigration into U.S., especially from Mexico, is down

Pima official defends clean-water rule that farmers blast as burdensome

Federal, Arizona tribal leaders seek solutions to violence against women

Hung jury in trial of No More Deaths volunteer charged with harboring migrants

Hepatitis A outbreak reaches 8 Arizona counties

VA expands veterans’ access to health care from private providers

Southern border apprehensions surge to highest rate in 10 years

Can the government be sued for climate change? Appeals court hears arguments

Tribal leaders, lawmakers push bill to ban mining near Grand Canyon

Democrats push Dream Act through House, outlook in Senate less certain

No More Deaths isn’t on trial, prosecutor says in opening, Scott Warren is

Mueller restates Russia report, as lawmakers restate their positions

The winners and losers in Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget

Census: Arizona continued to lag far behind U.S. on school spending

Trump OKs Navajo Nation disaster declaration in wake of February storms

Buckeye had nation’s fastest growth, Phoenix added most people in 2018

For homeless young adults, HomeBase offers structure, shelter and a way out

Inmates at Arizona prison prepare retired greyhound racers to live with families

New law changes how English Language learners are taught. But what comes next?

Maricopa County includes pets in annual homeless survey for the first time

Capitol Hill internships always paid off – this summer they’ll pay, too

Plan to forgive public-service workers’ student loans off to rocky start

Robocalls hit 3 million a day in Arizona, but help may be on the way

Supreme Court turns down Arpaio, who vows fight to vacate conviction

Court lets class-action suit proceed against state for foster care

A virtual wall may be the solution to protect wildlife at the border

phone apps

Put down the phone: Arizona bans cellphone use while driving

Mothers and supporters of breastfeeding gather at Capitol for Nationwide Nurse-In

Crossroads: Ridesharing, delivery services, population boom challenge transit planners

Report: Latino voters flexed muscle in 2018, set to be a force in 2020

It’s official: Lemonade will not become Arizona state drink

Crossing a line: Military encounter at border sparks Trump threats

Critics blast DHS environmental waivers that clear way for border wall

Phoenix bishop brings anti-abortion, traditional marriage message to D.C.

Mueller report says Russian hacking once went through Arizona server

Better mental health services key to reducing police-involved shootings, Phoenix police say

Same report, different take for state lawmakers eyeing Mueller report

House Ethics panel releases details in ongoing probe of Schweikert

Mother urges Phoenix police to carry life-saving overdose drug

Arizona’s messy tax system hampers small businesses battling online retailers for tax fairness

prison cell block and bars

Advocates work to slow the revolving door of repeat prisoners

CBP: Southern border apprehensions topped 360,000 in first half of year

House, Senate OK Colorado River drought plan, capping years of debate

Shift of CBP officers has led to border slowdown that’s hurting trade

McSally draws on history, calls on colleges to stop sexual assaults

Buckle up, Arizona: Students promote back seat safety belts

Arizonans join critics of Trump’s call to weaken unaccompanied minors law

Ducey supports short shutdown to secure border if Congress won’t act

Arizona House moves forward on code of conduct before session ends

Lawmakers, business leaders wary of Trump threat to close Mexico border

McSally, Biggs question DHS on release of migrants into Arizona communities

Bill to slice minimum wage for young part-time workers heads to Senate

Arizona lawmakers, House split in vote against transgender military ban

Training, change in tactics can reduce dangers to police officers handling drugs

Water officials press Senate on urgency of Colorado River drought plan

Proposed budget cuts for Special Olympics concern those who could be impacted in Arizona

Republicans blast Green New Deal, Democrats say GOP is playing politics

Pentagon moves ahead on border wall, as House can’t override Trump veto

When life gives you lemons: Arizona might declare lemonade as its state drink

For most Arizona lawmakers, Mueller report is not the end of the issue

An exoneration of the president? Democrats, legal experts say it’s too soon to tell

Jobs, recreation, high rents and traffic: Four ways a growing population changes Arizona

McSally talks about sexual assault task force, funding for border wall

Trump attacks on McCain seem to be stirring up support for late senator

Voting Rights

Arizona primary elections might be held earlier in August

Using pain to help others: Opioid crisis is personal for Safford mayor and his wife

Pentagon could divert $30 million Fort Huachuca project to border wall

EPA plan to ease mercury standards raises ire of moms’ group, activists

Arizona vigil for New Zealand victims wields love to overcome hate, terrorism

Arizona sheriff, advocates on hand for Trump veto over border emergency

House panel votes to restrict power of DHS to bypass regulations for wall

Arizona again rejects push to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Gallego wins big in runoff to become second woman elected Phoenix mayor

Democrats unveil bill to give DACA, TPS recipients path to citizenship

UA professor cautions senators to go slow in bid to protect personal data

City officials weigh local impact of plan to trim immigrants’ benefits

Extended campaign for Phoenix mayor will be decided Tuesday

Despite last year’s promise, Legislature still has no code of conduct

McSally says she was raped in military, ‘horrified’ by Air Force’s response

A rippling tragedy: Law would require review, standards to prevent maternal deaths

Title X fund limits would have ‘huge impact,’ Planned Parenthood says

‘Historical trauma’: Native communities grapple with missing and murdered women

Transgender soldiers say ban will backfire, but Pentagon defends policy

Phoenix mayoral candidates argue pension debt, Suns arena and public safety

Background-check bill passes, splitting House and Arizona delegation

Alzheimer’s advocates support bill requiring dementia training for care providers, first responders