Utah rolls back hydroelectric power plans for Lake Powell pipeline

SALT LAKE CITY – The proposed 140-mile pipeline would have pumped water from Lake Powell into southeastern Utah to St. George. Utah officials are scaling the plan back because of environmental concerns.

‘Don’t demolish – deconstruct’: Companies give new life to discarded building materials

MESA – The sustainable benefits of the reuse and restoration of building supplies is made possible through companies like Stardust Building Supplies, Harvest Eco-Salvage and the Freecycle Network.

‘Many lives at risk’: What pollution rollbacks could mean for California and Arizona

LOS ANGELES – The Trump Admin rolls back the Clean Air Act that has helped reduce smog and keep clean air in the West Coast.

Democrats, GOP hold competing hearings on endangered species bills

WASHINGTON - House Democrats and Republicans held competing hearings on proposals to amend the Endangered Species Act on Tuesday, where each side took up their own bills just days before the Trump administration rolls out changes to the decades-old act.

‘We have to live with it’: Students demand climate action today to ensure a greener tomorrow

PHOENIX – With the U.N. climate summit Monday, thousands of people around the world took part in a global climate strike. And students played a major role.

Vaquita marina sightings give conservationists hope for the critically endangered porpoise

HERMOSILLO, Sonora, Mexico – Late last month, scientists spotted six vaquita marinas – the world’s smallest porpoise, found only in the Sea of Cortez – their first sightings this year.

Learning the ropes: Young climate activists get ready for world protest

PHOENIX - With the U.N. climate summit Monday, thousands of people around the world will take part in a global climate strike. And students will play a major role.

Topography can mitigate climate impacts on saguaros, research shows

PHOENIX – Researchers looking at nearly 50 years of data are finding insights into the health and propagation of the iconic saguaro cactus.

Businesses welcome, environmentalists dread end of Obama-era water rule

WASHINGTON - Farming, real estate and manufacturing representatives applauded as EPA and Army officials moved to end an Obama-era rule that expanded waters subject to regulation - a move environmental groups warned would mean virtually no protection for the nation's waterways - especially in the West.

Fires in the Amazon: Arizona researchers determine what’s true, what’s not

PHOENIX – There’s a lot of misinformation about the thousands of fires burning in the Amazon rainforest including some of the images. Researchers in Arizona help sort through some of the confusion.

Spark from machinery caused Museum Fire north of Flagstaff, Forest Service says

FLAGSTAFF – Fire investigators say the wildfire near Flagstaff in July, which burned nearly 2,000 acres, started from efforts to try and prevent future wildfires.

Millennials use technology to ensure the future of Arizona ranching and farming

PHOENIX – We talk to three Arizona millennials working to ensure the state’s farms and ranches are sustainable and profitable.