U.S. court upholds ban on Mexican seafood to protect endangered porpoise

PHOENIX – A federal appeals court has upheld a ban on Mexican seafood caught with gillnets in the northern reaches of the Sea of Cortez, which is meant to protect the vaquita marina porpoise.

Court orders new hearing for groups trying to ban lead ammo in Kaibab

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court Thursday ordered a new hearing for environmental groups trying to ban the use of lead shot in Kaibab National Forest that they said poses a threat to endangered California condors who ingest the toxic metal.

Buffelgrass Blues: Campaign kicks off in Phoenix parks to combat an invasive species

PHOENIX – Buffelgrass, an invasive species from South Africa, is the focus of an eradication campaign by Phoenix and several conservancy groups.

‘Rock crispy treat’: Mesa students design storm-drain grate that blocks trash

MESA – Using gravel and epoxy, two Red Mountain High School seniors have come up with storm-drain grate that traps trash but lets the water flow through easily.

The storm grate is tested by Kuehne and Scally in a demonstration in Mesa.

Amid trade war, Chinese company is buying shuttered U.S. paper mills

PHOENIX – A Chinese company is buying and renovating long-closed paper mills in the U.S. as the U.S.-China trade war continues to heat up.

Workers sort through recycled material at a facility in Phoenix.

Citrus squeeze: Pushed by development, costs, citrus shrinks in state economy

The number of citrus operations in Arizona fell about 40 percent from 2012 to 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as farms have been buffeted by encroaching development, drought, disease and scarce water resources.

Federal appeals court orders BLM to reconsider how Chaco drilling permits impact environment

PHOENIX – A federal appeals court has ruled the Bureau of Land Management needs to reconsider how drilling permits could impact natural resources in the area around Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico

‘These are parks’: Signs of life returning to the depleted Colorado River Delta

LAGUNA GRANDE, Mexico – Small restoration sites along the Colorado River are showing scientists and the public what the delta once looked like and the wealth of wildlife it supported.

As the Colorado River Basin dries, can an accidental oasis survive?

CIÉNEGA DE SANTA CLARA, Mexico – More than 40 years ago, agricultural runoff diverted to northern Mexico created the largest wetland in the Sonoran Desert. But as water becomes ever more scarce, can it survive?

Final 100 miles of the Colorado highlight how badly the river is overtaxed

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Mexico – By the time the Colorado River reaches the border with Mexico, it’s pretty much spent. Ninety percent of the river’s water is used in the U.S., which has dramatic effects on northern Mexico.

Dust, particle pollution disproportionately affect Latino and poor communities

PHOENIX – Latino and lower-income communities of Phoenix are breathing in more polluted air than residents in other parts of the city, and a new report indicates it’s part of a national trend.

Rare frog fossil sheds light on a gap in Arizona geologic record

PETRIFIED FOREST – Paleontologists have discovered a rare frog fossil that dates back to the late Triassic period.