Nogales seeks a fair deal from binational commission on costs of treating wastewater

NOGALES – A federal bill would establish fair treatment between Nogales and the International Boundary and Water Commission, which handles transborder treaties and their application.

Change to Clean Water Act would have repercussions, even in the arid West

TONTO NATIONAL FOREST – The Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers have proposed a reversal of Obama-era definitions in the 1972 Clean Water Act.

In the land of coal, Navajo Nation looks to renewable energy

FLAGSTAFF – The Navajo Tribe has long been dependent on coal for good jobs, but its leaders now are embracing renewable energy sources, including solar.

House, Senate OK Colorado River drought plan, capping years of debate

WASHINGTON - Two weeks after water officials told Congress of the "urgent" need to approve the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan, the House and Senate both passed the plan, moving one step closet to ending years negotiations by seven states in the river basin.

Mexican gray wolf numbers rise, but long-term viability still a concern

WASHINGTON - There were 14 more Mexican gray wolves in the wild last year, a "huge relief" to conservationists but not nearly enough for them to stop worrying about the long-term viability of the endangered animal, which now numbers 131 in Arizona and New Mexico.

Sewage flowing into Nogales Wash raises concerns about water supply for both Mexico and U.S.

NOGALES, Mexico – Wastewater that contains raw sewage has been flowing into the Nogales Wash in Sonora, Mexico since mid-January, spurring concerns about the water supply for several communities.

Virulent Newcastle disease found in Arizona chicken flock for first time

PHOENIX – Virulent Newcastle disease has been found in an Arizona chicken flock for the first time since the outbreak began last year in California. It’s been found in Arizona near Flagstaff in a backyard flock of eight chickens.

Climate experts want science embedded in local decisions

PHOENIX – A group of scientists, climate experts, and government officials from around the country want to make what we know about climate change more integrated with run-of-the-mill choices about infrastructure and zoning. It would be a sort of climate service, akin to the National Weather Service.

Logging by copter: Millions spent to thin forest on steep slopes of Mount Elden

FLAGSTAFF - Flagstaff and federal officials are using a helicopter to thin the forest on Mount Elden to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the city’s watershed.

Tribal leaders urge House to extend funding for water settlements

WASHINGTON - Tohono O'odham Chairman Edward D. Manuel told a House panel that lack of water has been killing crops and livestock - and, essentially, the tribe's economy - and things will only get worse if federal funding is allowed to lapse.

El Niño predicted to linger through summer, but what does that mean for Arizona?

PHOENIX – Arizona’s wet winter was fueled by a climatological pattern known as El Niño, and forecasters say the pattern is expected to last through the summer. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a wetter monsoon.

The Art Resource Center recycles with an artistic twist

TEMPE – The Art Resource Center, a nonprofit recycling center in Tempe, offers schools and nonprofits a variety of recycled materials to use in art projects free of charge.