Tribal officials worry Bears Ears cuts leave sacred spaces vulnerable

WASHINGTON - A Hopi leader joined officials from the Pueblo of Zuni and the Ute Indian tribes to tell the House Natural Resources Committee about worries over cultural stes at Bears Ears National Monument after the president slashed its size from 1.35 million acres to about 200,000.

‘A treasure for humanity’: Binational group looks for inventive ways to protect Sonoran Desert

EL DESEMBOQUE, Mexico – Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers was formed nearly a decade ago to tackle such conservation challenges as climate change, mega-development or a border wall in different ways.

Yuma mural highlights endangered pronghorn and marsh bird unique to the Southwest

YUMA - The latest mural from the Endangered Species Mural Project is in Yuma and focuses on the endangered Sonoran pronghorn and the Yuma Ridgway’s rail to bring awareness to these animals.

Mix of pesticide and fungicide suspected cause of bee deaths in California almond groves

PHOENIX – Researchers in Ohio blame a toxic mixture of a pesticide and fungicide for the destruction of thousands of the honeybee colonies shipped to California to pollinate almond trees in 2014.

Deadlines are hard to pin down in drought planning for Colorado River

PHOENIX – Arizona was under pressure to sign its part of a plan to save Lake Mead by Jan. 31. It made the deadline, but federal authorities said the deal wasn’t quite done and set another deadline, but it also has come and gone. The real deadline looms in August.

Big-game hunting in Sonora boosts economy and conservation

RANCHO GRANDE, Mexico – Sonora is becoming a destination for U.S. hunters, thanks to low fees and public-private management programs designed to support healthy populations of mule deer and desert bighorn sheep.

Needed or misguided? Permanent ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon draws mixed reaction

GRAND CANYON – A bill that could permanently prevent uranium mining on more than a million acres of land around the Grand Canyon is something conservation groups and tribes in northern Arizona call long overdue but mining companies condemn.

A timeline: Key moments in the establishment of Grand Canyon National Park

GRAND CANYON VILLAGE — Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its centennial birthday this year and we’ve charted some of the pivotal moments in the canyon over time.