Report: Mexican gray wolf is a subspecies, keeps endangered status

WASHINGTON -The endangered Mexican gray wolf is still endangered - for now - after a six-month National Academy of Sciences study determined that it is subspecies separate from other gray wolves, which just lost their endangered species status.

Water officials press Senate on urgency of Colorado River drought plan

WASHINGTON - The director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources joined other state and federal water officials who told a Senate panel that there is an "urgent need" to authorize a multistate drought contingency plan for the Colorado River basin.

Grappling with costs, Tucson is rethinking its recycling program

TUCSON – Tucson officials expect the city’s recycling program to lose $3.3 million in fiscal year 2018-19, and they’re looking at ways to save the program.

Workers sort through recycled material at a facility in Phoenix.

Republicans blast Green New Deal, Democrats say GOP is playing politics

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was one of just three Democrats to vote against the "Green New Deal," as the expansive environmental bill faced its first test vote in the Senate and a renewed round of criticism from Republicans who called it a job killer

A bloom for the books: Rainfall, cool weather create spring wildflower spectacular

PHOENIX – Arizona’s wildflowers are covering the desert, creating an exceptional and unprecedented bloom this spring. Record rainfall combined with lower temperatures are behind this colorful flower display.

Scat party: To unlock the secrets of urban coyotes, biologists turn to poop

LOS ANGELES – The National Park Service is gathering, dissecting and cataloging poop to better understand how coyotes have carved out such a comfortable life in the hybrid ecosystem they share with humans.

To finish drought plan, Colorado River water managers ask Congress for approval

GREELEY, Colo. – Water managers in the Colorado River Basin are a step closer to approval of a drought contingency plan meant to buy the Southwest more time to adjust to climate change and overuse of scarce resources.

Deep snow in Rockies should stave off Colorado River water crisis – for now

GREELEY, Colo. – High snowpack in the southern Rocky Mountains this winter will likely stave off a shortage declaration in the Colorado River watershed in 2020, relieving pressure on water managers attempting to navigate future scarcity.

EPA plan to ease mercury standards raises ire of moms’ group, activists

WASHINGTON - A Phoenix mom joined dozens of activists who called the EPA's plan to relax standards on power plant emissions, like mercury, an "attack on American children," but one industry official said the ruls has cost billions for negligible benefits.

Arizona researchers find new ways to monitor snowpack – right down to your neighborhood

TUCSON – Researchers from the University of Arizona now are able to precisely track snowpack across the United States, which will help as the West gets drier and hotter..

Game track: Arizona, Sonora install cameras to monitor large animals along the border

EL RANCHO LAS AGUILAS, Mexico – Sonoran and Arizona game officials recently set up dozens of remote cameras to track large animals, many of whom range back and forth across the border with Mexico.

Court says hunters can off-road in national forest to retrieve big game

WASHINGTON - Big game hunters in Kaibab National Forest are free to drive off-road to collect their kills, a federal appeals court has ruled, rejecting claims by environment groups that off-road vehicles would threaten the forest and threatened species that live there.