Number of Arizonans who see climate change as ‘serious problem’ jumps

WASHINGTON - The number of Arizonans who believe climate change is a "serious problem" has grown sharply in recent years, according to a poll that claims Western-state voters worried about water and climate issues and disappointed in recent federal rollback of environmental protections.

Arizona lawmakers agree on crucial drought contingency plan

ELOY – Arizona lawmakers approve a drought contingency plan that addresses declines in water levels in Lake Mead, the Colorado River reservoir that provides water to many users in Arizona.

Despite gaps in science, cloud seeding embraced by some water managers

WOLCOTT, Colo. – Cloud seeding, in which silver iodide is introduced into snow storms, has been around for years, despite solid science on its effectiveness. But with ongoing drought and a warming climate, more water experts in the West are willing to give it a chance.

Waste Management Phoenix Open finding creative ways to remain ‘greenest show on turf’

SCOTTSDALE – With more sustainability initiatives than ever, the WMPO looks to complete their seventh zero-waste year.

How Arizona national parks survived the longest government shutdown in U.S. history

GRAND CANYON – With community help, the two national parks in Arizona that remained open during the federal government shutdown are still beautiful and saw little negative impact.

From ‘green blob’ to majestic sentinel: The science of saguaros

PHOENIX – Saguaros are known around the world as a symbol of the American West, but scientists still are unlocking the secrets to how these giants grow and why they only grow in the Sonoran Desert.

Central Arizona Project supports draft legislation for drought contingency plan

PHOENIX – The board of the Central Arizona Project on Thursday voted to support the draft legislation for the Drought Contingency Plan, a major water savings deal in the Colorado River basin.

Arizona Corporation Commission adopts first rules to encourage electric vehicles

PHOENIX – Arizona last month adopted its first policies to encourage electric vehicle use. It won’t come cheaply, but the costs of incentives and infrastructure could actually be less than the environmental and health costs of the status quo.

Drought hangover: ‘OK’ snowpack in Colorado won’t be enough to replenish reservoirs

GREELEY, Colo. – Despite decent snowpack in the Southern Rockies, drought and heat have sapped soil moisture in the Colorado River Basin, which leaves the vast area “in a deep hole” in terms of refilling dwindling reservoirs.

Arizona mom joins activists protesting Wheeler nomination to head EPA

WASHINGTON - Phoenix environmental activist Columba Sainz joined other moms Wednesday in Washington, where members of the Moms Clean Air Force turned out to oppose Andrew Wheeler's nomination as the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Arizona’s drought plan faces several obstacles, and time is just one of them

PHOENIX – Arizona lawmakers say they’ve made progress on a drought contingency plan, but much remains to be done before a Jan. 31 deadline imposed by federal water managers.

Shutdown, additional requests for water could disrupt Arizona drought plan

PHOENIX – The federal government’s partial shutdown is hampering Arizona’s efforts to forge a drought contingency plan, and requests for additional water could make the task even more difficult.