Researchers spelunk the Grand Canyon to document its beautiful, confounding springs

Water speculation is ‘all the problems’ in one, Colorado group warns

Wildfire prevention gets boost from behind bars with expanded program

Fight over Oak Flat mine draws support of diverse religious groups

Get ready for a busy year fighting wildfires, experts in Arizona warn

Cities push residents to save their little piece of Earth on Earth Day

With first Colorado River shortage almost certain, states stare down mandatory cutbacks

Palo Verde generator helps Southwest meet climate goals, but future of nuclear is debated

Potential jaguar habitat at U.S.-Mexico border identified by UArizona researchers

Snowfall in the West indicates 20-year drought will persist and intensify

Superior mayor, tribal officials spar over bill to stop Oak Flat mine

UArizona will lead space telescope mission to learn how galaxies evolve, form stars

Comcaac Nation in Sonora demands water with historic gathering

Dry soils plague Colorado River Basin, absorbing runoff needed downstream

Colorado River tribe aims to establish ‘one unified voice’ in policy talks

Phoenix explorer, entrepreneur will be on first civilian crew to go into space

PPE trash, plastic – and feces – mar many beaches and scenic spots across the Southwest

Man on top of water tank

Tribal leaders ask for more funding, less meddling for water projects

Mohave County, Navajo officials push to broaden ‘downwinder’ coverage

Why this Japanese musician performed on Piestewa Peak every morning for a year

Chiricahua leopard frogs face habitat challenges as Phoenix Zoo works to save them

Despite steep decline, monarch butterflies aren’t as endangered as other species, agency says

A Colorado River showdown is looming. Let the posturing begin.

Thrift shops and sustainable fashion outlets thrive during the pandemic

Senate makes history with vote confirming Haaland as Interior secretary

Call of the wild: Record number of sandhill cranes winter in Arizona this year

Historic drought brings lean times for Sonora ranchers, farmers

Arizona seeks surface water protections after Clean Water Act rollback

California tries to tamp down Salton Sea dust after years of delays

Committee vote moves Haaland one step closer to historic Interior post

Officials grill water utility over response to earlier Luke AFB spill

In rapidly warming and drying Colorado River Basin, the negotiating table is being set

Inhaled smoke could raise risks of COVID-19 for firefighters, expert warns

Feds rescind OK for copper mine at Oak Flat, seek ‘thorough review’

House OKs bill to ban mining on 1 million acres around Grand Canyon

Pause on leasing public land for oil and gas extraction draws mixed reaction

Critics grill Haaland; backers point to historic nature of nomination

Almonds break out of their shells at an almond farm in Fresno, Calif.

Investors now can bet on California’s water, helping agriculture withstand dry spells


Arizona efforts to boost electric cars get so-so grades in new reports

Sedentary and stressed? Get outside to improve health during COVID, experts advise

Federal judge rejects Apache Stronghold request to block Oak Flat mine

EPA awards $220 million for uranium mine cleanup on Navajo Nation

What a distant quasar and a ‘young’ black hole could reveal about the universe

NRC credits Palo Verde response to worker’s license application error

Enough habitat exists to support return of Mexican wolves in Southwest, study says

Nevada farmers look to Australian water market as Southwest U.S. dries out

Apache make emotional appeal to court to halt proposed copper mine

How dry is the Colorado River Basin? We explain it in 5 numbers

Pascua Yaqui win water funds, first of $150 million for Arizona projects

Lakes Mead and Powell could drop to lowest ever; Colorado River drought plan triggered

When wildfire burns a high mountain forest, what happens to the snow and runoff?

‘Divas’ and suckers: The fight to save endangered Colorado River fish

If ancient drought choked the Southwest for centuries, what does the future hold?

Researchers at Petrified Forest discover fossil of a reptile with claws and a beak

Biden firm on uranium-mining ban around ‘jewel’ of the Grand Canyon

Record heat proves to be a queen palm’s worst enemy

Colorado River Basin winter forecast signals dry times ahead

As Lake Powell recedes, river guides race to document long-hidden rapids

Biosphere 2 study: Tropical forests may be more resilient to rising temperatures than predicted

Navajo program again distributes reservation coal to heat tribal homes

Copper rush: Opponents worry feds have fast-tracked Resolution mine OK

Coconino official backs bill to burn forest waste for renewable energy

Carbon free energy required by 2050 under Arizona Corporation Commission proposal

Mount Graham red squirrel makes comeback, but not out of the woods yet

Forecast calls for drier, warmer winter to follow ‘nonsoon’ summer

Burned acreage up sharply, as Arizona 2020 wildfire season winds down

2020 delivers setbacks for long-planned Western water projects

Arizona’s renewable energy future at play in Corporation Commission races

Just before the election, poll on climate change suggests Arizona voters want more federal action

The problem with plastics: Production outpacing efforts to keep it out of rivers, oceans

APS wants to raise rates, but during pandemic, many Arizonans aren’t on board

Homeowners who avoid wildfire damage can find themselves in new flood zone

Arizona cities defend progress after slipping in clean energy ranking

For the West’s drinking water, wildfire concerns linger long after smoke clears

As Western fires burn, focus narrows on forest management. But it’s easier said than done.

Fire damage, ‘smoke taint’ add to challenges for Napa wineries during peak of harvest

As Jupiter dazzles in the night sky, new research suggests its moons are warming each other

Hot up ahead: Arizona will have more ‘extreme heat’ days, researchers say


Sharpshooters could target Grand Canyon bison by 2021 under herd plan

Climate change likely to keep hammering Colorado River’s biggest reservoirs

Sen. McSally, Mark Kelly clash over issues ranging from COVID-19 to border security in Senate debate

California condor release watched virtually around the world

Feds cite safety for Quitobaquito closing; critics see other motives

Arizona expected to clear over the next few days, but smoke could return

Feds reaffirm western yellow-billed cuckoo’s threatened species status

EPA unveils Western office to focus on abandoned mine tracking, cleanup

Rio Salado restoration efforts get boost with federal ‘partnership’ designation

Experts: Border wall construction may imperil sacred source of water in desert

Many Navajos face pandemic without running water, tribal members urged to ‘lift each other up’

Western states look to sewers to track next coronavirus outbreak

Colorado’s abandonment list incentivizes water users to take share, exemplifies complex policies

Proposal to protect Joshua trees from climate change proves divisive

Efforts to cool Phoenix include pale pavement coating to reflect sunlight

Fuel buildup puts Arizona communities at wildfire risk

Arizona communities at high risk during wildfire season

Comet NEOWISE draws eyes to skies for first time in thousands of years

‘Alien abductions’ of humpback chub help frame future of Colorado River

Legal challenges to border wall continue – and so does construction

Improperly disposed of PPE raises environmental concerns

Democrats climate plan signals shift toward environmental justice

Former NFL standout Chris Long helps bring Navajos much needed water

The one that got away: A look at Glen Canyon 40 years after it was filled

Central Arizona housing boom tees up opportunity for water investors

Grand Canyon businesses claw back, slowly, after 2019, 2020 setbacks

ADOT rolls out new dust detection system to help drivers on I-10

High winds, parched conditions prompt red flag wildfire warnings

Endangered Shuffle

Critical of critical habitat: Endangered turtle haven abuts border wall

San Pedro River, squeezed by growing population, is subject of two lawsuits

Cattle damage to Arizona’s Verde River spurs legal action

For now, no border wall will split Cocopah reservation along the Colorado River

Tribal leaders say border wall, other projects continue to threaten sacred, historic sites

Two Arizona tribes, advocacy group join suits over EPA’s clean-water rule rollback

In crossing Arizona’s last free-flowing river, border wall construction also erodes trust

How safe is fishing during the pandemic? Very, if you follow basic rules

Arizona afire: Crews scramble to control 11 blazes in the state

Arizona’s Bush Fire – now the largest in the country – forces evacuations

Senate OKs up to $1.9 billion a year for parks repair, land acquisition

Lawsuit seeks trade sanctions against Mexico for failing to protect endangered porpoise

University of California divests from fossil fuels, puts $1 billion into clean energy

Tribal leaders, advocates question reopening at Grand Canyon, other parks

Preliminary OK for Little Colorado dam proposals worries plan’s critics

Despite slight dip, Phoenix still ranks high for solar power in cities

Mexico changes renewable energy rules, citing COVID-19 pandemic

Amid conflict over Salt River horses, a controversial fence is finished

Limited Memorial Day reopening of Grand Canyon ‘premature,’ critics say

Opinions on water, willingness to protect it varies by region, survey finds

As if firefighting wasn’t dangerous enough, crews grapple with COVID-19

Tool shows what many know: Arizona communities at high risk for wildfire

Recycling increases in Phoenix during the pandemic

With safety measures, many Arizona parks and trails remained opened during stay-at-home order

Green burials adapt to protect ‘death care’ workers in the time of pandemic

Plan to ‘revive’ uranium mining called unneeded, unwanted by advocates

‘Borrowing from the future’: What an emerging megadrought means for the Southwest

With much of the planet on lockdown, Earth Day goes digital

Feeding sea urchins could be one way to restore the West Coast’s vital kelp forests

endangered species

Feds kill 4 Mexican gray wolves, days after announcing population gains

Dairy farmers forced to adjust their practices during COVID-19 pandemic

Myth is reality: Discovery of bald eagles nesting in a saguaro confirms longtime speculation

EPA won’t expand pollutant rule; ‘mistake’ during COVID-19, critics say

Prescott’s bid to draw more groundwater could threaten Verde River

Urban farm provides homeless shelter residents with good food and opportunities

COVID-19 fears close Grand Canyon National Park after weeks of pressure

EPA defends plan to ease compliance requirements in face of coronavirus

Why the air in metro Phoenix is fresher these days

Officials call for Grand Canyon closure to help stem coronavirus spread

Deadline to request early ballot for SRP Board election is 5 p.m. Friday

Phoenix, Gilbert restrict some activities, but most Arizona parks and trails remain open

Grand Canyon lodging, food services shuttered in face of coronavirus

Lower carbon-capture costs could entice businesses to address climate change

Climate change already is diminishing the Colorado River, U.S. researchers find

Wild horses and burros in Arizona find new homes through federal incentive program

Arizonans keep watchful eyes on bald eagles nesting near humans

As Western coal-fired plants close, who gets their water?

Activists cite rising heat deaths, pollution, fires in asking Phoenix to declare climate emergency

Man vs. mussel: Buckeye mayor testifies on threat from invasive species

Clean energy produced on Navajo land could help power Los Angeles

Verde River watershed gets a grade of C+, but that ‘actually is very good’

Hot planet: January 2020 was warmest January in 141 years of records, NOAA says

Blasting sacred sites for border wall ‘forever damaged’ tribes

UNESCO urged to protect World Heritage Site threatened by border wall construction

Why Palo Verde, the country’s largest nuclear plant, is cutting its wastewater use

Endangered species throw roadblock in path of Rosemont Copper mine

To salvage recycling, Phoenix increases solid waste residential rate by 24%

‘Perfect droughts’ were common in the past, researchers say, and could get worse

Four Corners drought in 2018 was worsened by human-caused climate change, researchers say

Scientists hope to win global competition with concrete that incorporates and reduces carbon dioxide emissions

Phoenix replacing more diesel-fueled garbage trucks with environmentally friendlier natural gas vehicles

House panel OKs bill to undo Trump changes to Endangered Species Act

Advocates: EPA’s new clean-water rules hit Arizona, Southwest hardest

Arizona in Focus: What it takes to make sure wildlife have water

A rush of blood to the head: How do grasshoppers deal with being upside down?

Feds say humpback chub has recovered to point it’s no longer endangered

Bill would prohibit transfers of some Colorado River water to central Arizona

Communities along Rio Sonora may finally get relief from 2014 toxic mine spill

Farmer handline water pipe.

Water-well metering to prevent groundwater depletion proposed in Legislature

Climate change, and our response to it, is making life harder for desert tortoises

Heat deaths continue to rise, as federal disaster relief continues to lag

Phoenix considers asking residents to donate to plant more trees

Turf battle: Hydrogels could help ASU West save water and money

Teamwork will be key to balancing the overcommitted Colorado River

Feds say tiny snail in Utah, Arizona can no longer be listed as endangered

The Colorado River is overcommitted – here’s how that happened

NASA’s search for life on Mars is joined by scientists from Arizona

Farmers switch irrigation to save water, keep the Colorado River from growing saltier

Feds waived environment, other regs on 90 miles of state border in 2019

Snowbirds: Why are white pelicans wintering in Arizona?

Navajo Generating Station, coal mine face years of breakdown, cleanup

Drone on the range: Farmers take to the skies to save water and money

Trump administration’s push for U.S. uranium production opposed near Grand Canyon

Cactus juice used to make nontoxic, biodegradable plastic bags

Critics light up decision to halt planned lightbulb-effiency rules

Water for wildlife: Catchments prove lifesavers across Arizona

Damming the Little Colorado River for power projects is opposed by tribes, environmentalists

With drought plans finished, water managers pause Colorado River negotiations

Arizona volunteers plant hope for the future of monarch butterflies

Sky rivers: A new scale categorizes power of crucial atmospheric flows

Debate continues over BLM move as workers face decision deadline

Revived stretch of Santa Cruz River provides oasis for wildlife

System will study headwaters of the Colorado to gauge stream flow, soil moisture, evaporation

Climate activists call for Phoenix, cities around the world, to declare emergency

California schools must eliminate lead in water, but what about nearby homes?

Arctic to Arizona: NAU professor explains how climate change affects everyone

Historically left out of Western water talks, tribes intend to have greater influence in future

Water transfer from Colorado River to central Arizona faces stiff opposition

Arizona poll: Republicans, Democrats far apart on immigration, gun control, climate

Native Americans have the most difficulty accessing clean water, report says

Phoenix recycling will end unless rates are hiked, officials warn

Ants are experts at avoiding traffic jams, researchers find

Navajo pull backing for tribal energy company over coal mine purchases

On Virginia’s Eastern Shore, wild horses are an asset, not a headache

Pinal County’s future water shortfall leaves some developers in limbo today

SRP confirms that last day for Navajo Generating Station just days away

Leftover pumpkins feed hungry animals instead of landfills

Water from air: ASU professor’s technology produces clean drinking water around the globe

As valley fever education increases, so does the infection’s reach

Arizona recycling programs are in trouble, thanks to residential contamination

House OKs permanent ban on mining 1 million acres around Grand Canyon

Pumpkin decor attracts trick-or-treaters but also wildlife, Game & Fish warns

1 million agave: Ambitious binational restoration plan to plant agave, protect bats

Money to burn: Forest Service wildfire fund ends its year in the black

More efficient than solar panels? Rust, saltwater show renewable-energy promise

House panel OKs update to mining law; critics say it will kill industry

McSally urged to oppose Trump’s rollback of Obama fuel economy standards

Confluence photo

Arizona’s groundwater replenishment program facing an uncertain future

Climate whiplash: Four Corners residents and ranchers adapting to weather extremes

Frank Lloyd Wright house, once listed for $2.6 million, sold at auction

Safe passage sought for wildlife trying to cross busy highway in northern Mexico

Before the flood: System to predict rising water is tested in Phoenix and Flagstaff

Endangered porpoise protections falling short, conservationists and fishermen complain

Climate change will continue to scorch the Southwest, data predict

Mushroom crop in southern Arizona forests capped by dry monsoon season

‘Asthma Alley’: Long Beach ranks worst in U.S. for air quality

Utah rolls back hydroelectric power plans for Lake Powell pipeline

‘Don’t demolish – deconstruct’: Companies give new life to discarded building materials

‘Many lives at risk’: What pollution rollbacks could mean for California and Arizona

Democrats, GOP hold competing hearings on endangered species bills

‘We have to live with it’: Students demand climate action today to ensure a greener tomorrow

Vaquita marina sightings give conservationists hope for the critically endangered porpoise

Learning the ropes: Young climate activists get ready for world protest

Topography can mitigate climate impacts on saguaros, research shows

Businesses welcome, environmentalists dread end of Obama-era water rule

Fires in the Amazon: Arizona researchers determine what’s true, what’s not

Spark from machinery caused Museum Fire north of Flagstaff, Forest Service says

Millennials use technology to ensure the future of Arizona ranching and farming

Electric vehicle chargers at Grand Canyon reduce ‘range anxiety’ for park visitors

More PFAS contamination found in Tucson groundwater, but drinking water not affected


Wildlife service considers changes to habitat area for endangered Mount Graham red squirrel

Report: Using funds to keep parks open in government shutdown violated law

New rules expand hunting on most national wildlife refuges in Arizona

Upgrades to begin soon to keep Interstate 17 underpasses from flooding

Rosemont copper mine suffers another setback in decade of legal battles

50 grades of shade: Researchers find that it’s not all created equal

Phoenix light rail to expand with the defeat of Prop 105

Arizona ranked 29th in study of highway conditions and congestion

Kayenta Mine layoffs hit, as Navajo Generating Station closure looms

Environmental groups call on Arizona to close uranium mine near Canyon

For low-income Arizonans, housing vouchers don’t guarantee a place to live

With so much construction, why is affordable housing so scarce in Phoenix?

Making a home for fish in the desert takes a little help – and a lot of PVC

Extreme weather galvanizes believers of climate change but doesn’t persuade skeptics

Without federal disaster aid, states are left to fend for themselves

Big dogs may be key to protecting Arizona herds from Mexican gray wolf

Developments in disaster-prone areas mean big bucks for builders but can put homeowners at risk

Wildfire-vulnerable communities search for ways to live with growing threat

Out of sight is out of mind: Small communities struggle in the shadow of larger disasters

Monsoon madness: You say dust storm, I say haboob

Vulnerable communities adapting to ever-present threat of wildfires

The impact of Mexico’s worst mining disaster, five years later

Taliesin West added to World Heritage List after 15-year wait

Dwindling groundwater, ever-deeper wells could spell trouble for Arizonans

Arizona could make major changes to renewable-energy mandate

Federal judge halts planned open-pit copper mine in mountains south of Tucson

pollution settlement

Courts reject environmental lawsuit to block Navajo coal mine expansion

As Southwest water managers grapple with climate change, can a ‘grand bargain’ work?

Private drone hampers battle against Museum Fire, which now is 12% contained

Monsoon storms help slow Museum Fire, but raise flood concerns

Tourism tension in Instagram age: $1 billion in AZ taxes, challenges to preservation

As Museum Fire grows, neighborhoods north of Flagstaff are on edge

50 years later, Arizona still plays a big role in exploring the universe

Phoenix Sky Harbor switches to desert landscape to save water, money

‘Like the chain saw’: Drones have become a lifesaving tool for fighting wildfires

House panel OKs bills to rein in mining around Grand Canyon, elsewhere

‘Non-soon season’: Arizona’s dry heat is delaying the start of summer rains

Ducey not among governors supporting 55 mpg fuel efficiency standards

A Type 1 Colombia CH47D helicopter, which carries a water bucket that holds up to 2,800 gallons, is refueled and ready to be redeployed to the Woodbury Fire. Photo taken on June 22, 2019 by Anton L. Delgado/News21.

Arizona has had fewer wildfires than last year, but the blazes are bigger

Arizona quakes are mostly minor, but hundreds happen every year

Salt shakers: Removing brine from river water causes earthquakes along Utah-Colorado line

U.S. recyclers hope to upgrade infrastructure to end dependence on China

BLM considering restrictions on dispersed camping on fragile lands in Utah

‘A flowing stream from here on out’: Tucson using effluent to revive ‘dead’ stretch of river

Town shows its gratitude for the sacrifices of the Yarnell Hill 19

Climbing in Joshua Tree: Breaking bones and belaying friendships

Navajo, Hualapai water-rights bills get warm reception in House hearing

Critics attack Trump administration push to expedite uranium mining

Chemical retardant used to fight wildfires could pose harm, group says

Arizona Game & Fish supports ban on certain types of hunting contests

Why some tattoo artists choose vegan inks over traditional formulas

Roosevelt Lake residents ordered to evacuate due to Woodbury Fire

Corridors for cats: Conservationists work to keep jaguar populations genetically viable

Groundwater pumping diminishes streams across the country, study finds

Cameras and coexistence: Learning to live with jaguars

Environmental groups call for McSally to support climate change proposal

Coconino official urges feds to live up to responsibility to fund parks

Hearing climate change: An Arizona researcher’s quest to understand climate through sound

Podcast: Volcanic soil, old artillery shells challenge crews managing the Maroon Fire

Utah presses forward on pipeline despite strains on Colorado River

Ranchers want dams to protect against drought, but could dams worsen climate change?

Pima official defends clean-water rule that farmers blast as burdensome

On stressed Colorado River, states test how many more diversions watershed can bear

Efforts to protect butterflies, desert fish would get millions under Extinction Prevention Act

Arizona Game and Fish debates banning ‘coyote killing contests’

Excessive heat, high fuel loads in Arizona have experts predicting wildfires through fall

Timely tips for staying safe during Arizona’s monsoon season

Can the government be sued for climate change? Appeals court hears arguments

Tribal leaders, lawmakers push bill to ban mining near Grand Canyon

How the sounds around you could be a harbinger of climate change

Could climate change and lower birth rates be linked? UCLA researcher says yes

Unusually wet winter and spring pushes Arizona out of short-term drought

Power to the people: Utilities from around the U.S. pitch in to bring electricity to Navajos

U.S. court upholds ban on Mexican seafood to protect endangered porpoise

Court orders new hearing for groups trying to ban lead ammo in Kaibab

Buffelgrass Blues: Campaign kicks off in Phoenix parks to combat an invasive species

The storm grate is tested by Kuehne and Scally in a demonstration in Mesa.

‘Rock crispy treat’: Mesa students design storm-drain grate that blocks trash

Workers sort through recycled material at a facility in Phoenix.

Amid trade war, Chinese company is buying shuttered U.S. paper mills

Citrus squeeze: Pushed by development, costs, citrus shrinks in state economy