Forest Service chief grilled over charges of sexual harassment in agency

WASHINGTON - Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen came under fire for her department's handling of sexual harassment complaints, with members of a House committee demanding faster, more thorough responses to reports of harassment and abuse.

Too many deals will make drought plan unworkable, Ducey warns

PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has written an op-ed outlining some requirements he has for Arizona’s internal deal on drought. It came two days ahead of an important meeting of the board of the agency that runs the Central Arizona Project canal system.

California wildfire death toll rises to 44; Arizona firefighters assisting efforts

LOS ANGELES – Arizona officials plan to send about 150 firefighters and dozens of engines to California to help fight wildfires there. The wildfires sweeping across Southern California have destroyed hundreds of homes, ravaged beloved landmarks and park space and killed at least two people and injured several more.

NAU policies on composting, single-use plastics are catching on in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF – Northern Arizona University has a robust composting program and recently banned plastic straws in dining halls. Now these efforts are showing up in Flagstaff businesses.

Hunters help safeguard Arizona’s deer and elk from chronic wasting disease

GREER – Hunters and Arizona Game & Fish workers are continuing the long fight to keep Arizona’s deer and elk safe from chronic wasting disease.

Costly and nasty: Failure of Prop. 127 won’t stop renewable energy push, experts say

A California billionaire funneled millions of dollars to back renewable energy initiatives in Arizona and Nevada. Nevada’s passed. But in Arizona, that financial influence didn’t convince voters to say yes to following California’s renewable energy path.

Is the changing climate making you anxious? You’re not alone.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Some experts say climate anxiety is a growing mental health problem. The American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association have published reports about how the fear of climate change can harm mental health.

Prop. 127: Voters reject drastic reshaping of Arizona’s energy future

PHOENIX – Arizona voters rejected Proposition 127, according to the Associated Press. The initiative would have required the state’s regulated utilities to get 50 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Down in the mud: Arizona researchers probe seabed for clues about monsoons

TUCSON – Geologists at the University of Arizona have recently linked mud from the deep sea to the North American monsoon.

Arizona lacks vehicle idling regulations, encourages voluntary action

FLAGSTAFF – Although Flagstaff launched an anti-idling initiative, the city and Maricopa County lack vehicle idling regulations.