Study: Droughts are growing hotter under climate change

Arizona is in its 21st year of drought, and climate change is bringing longer, more intense heat waves.

Phoenix Zoo makes a mini monsoon storm for super-small snails

Bradley Poynter leads the conservation team at the Phoenix Zoo, and recently faced a problem when trying to get certain snails to mate.

As more Western cities turn to recycled water, they may face a curious obstacle: The ick factor

DENVER – Communities in some very dry states have had to get creative about where to get their water, sometimes purifying sewage into drinking water.

Tucson mom joins other parents pressing EPA for ban on toxic chemical

WASHINGTON - Tucson mom Linda Robles joined other parents in Washington to demand that the Environmental Protection Agency ban TCE, the chemical she blames for the death of one daughter and the birth defects of her other children.

Phoenix partners with California company to turn palm fronds into feed for livestock

PHOENIX–Phoenix is working with California-based Palm Silage Inc. to divert 34,000 tons per year of palm fronds from landfills and reuse the vegetation as nutritional feed for livestock.

Lawn time ago: Tucson saves water with desert landscaping, synthetic grass

TUCSON – Tucson residents have looked to new landscaping options in order to conserve their use of water.