‘You’re not going to wake up’: In wake of concussion survey, former football prospect shares story

PHOENIX – A new survey says more Arizona parents aren’t allowing their children to play football due to concussion fears. A former ASU commit shares his story.

McCain discontinues cancer treatment, a year after diagnosis

WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain has discontinued treatment for the deadly brain cancer he has been living with since last summer, his family announced Friday., more than a year after he announced his diagnosis with glioblastoma.

Head games: Debate surrounds U.S. Soccer’s decision to ban, limit headers

The U.S. Soccer Federation's decision to ban headers for young players continues to spark debate.

It’s not just you. The mosquitoes really are worse this year.

There’s a new type of mosquito roaming the southern United States. You might have heard of it — it’s the Aedes mosquito — and it first showed up in 2010.

Church ‘campout’: Faith community provides food, shelter for homeless in Chandler

Churches and volunteers provide homeless individuals with food and shelter. In Chandler, AZCEND’s 90-day program is helping people get back on their feet.

Santa Cruz River in jeopardy if international sewage pipe ruptures again, experts fear

Experts warn of threats to the Santa Cruz River a vital sewage pipeline bursts as it did last year, spewing millions of gallons of waste into a wash that feeds the river.

The Santa Cruz River

From MLB to youth sports, baseball sees increased arm injuries in pitchers

Major League Baseball and youth baseball have seen a growing trend of arm injuries that may be tied to systemic overuse in pitchers.

AIA decision to allow year-round practice still sparks concern about sports specialization

A year after the AIA legislative council’s decision to allow year-round practices, Arizona still divided on its link to sport specialization.

Simulation gives Gilbert caregivers an idea of what it’s like to live with dementia

GILBERT – Staff at a Gilbert assisted-living facility participated in a dementia simulation to better understand the cognitive difficulties common to older people.