Court: Widow waited too long to sue VA for delays in husband’s care

WASHINGTON - An appeals court said a Navy widow whose husband died from kidney disease waited too long to sue the Veterans Affairs medical center that delayed his treatment, only to send a letter two weeks after his death urging him to seek immediate care.

VA Chief

‘Fight the bite’: August rains bring risk of mosquito-borne illnesses

PHOENIX — Preventing rainwater from pooling is a good way to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading disease, like the west nile.

Heat puts extra pressure on Tempe Meals on Wheels volunteers

As the summer heat drives people out of town, Tempe Meals on Wheels is seeking additional volunteers to help serve more people with mobility issues.

Think you can escape pollution by going to a national park? Think again

The air in two popular national parks in California is as dirty as it is in Los Angeles – the smoggiest city in the country.

A weighty issue: NFL linemen must contend with post-football pounds

Maintaining optimal NFL weight of 300+ pounds – especially for players in the trenches – often requires unhealthy practices. When there’s no need to be that heavy, what do former players do?

Proposed law would require Arizona to compile statistics on veteran suicide

PHOENIX – Three years after a veteran’s suicide, friends and family call legislators to action.

Latest restrictions on Obamacare could mean higher premiums in Arizona

WASHINGTON - The Trump administration's decision to suspend billions in Obamacare "risk adjustment" payments to insurance companies could hit tens of thousands of Arizonans in the pocketbook, as insurance companies grapple with new market uncertainty, according to both advocates and insurers.

As fentanyl overdoses rise, cartels are eager to funnel more of it through Arizona

Federal and state authorities continue to battle Mexican drug cartels as the opioid epidemic is fueled by the lethal synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Cashing out: Legalized sports gambling raises concerns about addiction

As legalized sports gambling becomes more prominent, fears rise about increased addiction.

Mesa police add their first therapy dog to special victims unit

Mesa police have adopted their first therapy dog. Macy, a 16-week-old English Labrador puppy, will be trained to work in the special victims unit.

‘Stay positive’: Liberty High football’s Hunzinger finds inspiration in cancer diagnosis

Even thought Liberty High School football standout Zach Hunzinger was diagnosed recently with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, he is determined to continue playing football and hopes to inspire others.

HIV testing lags in Arizona; new cases have risen since 2011

As Arizona rates of HIV rise, organizations across the Valley provide free testing for the community at several participating Walgreens locations.