From ‘Average Joe’ to ‘Ninja Warrior’: Popularity of TV show spurs growth in ninja-training gyms

SCOTTSDALE - Tucked into an alcove of the AZ on the Rocks climbing facility, Lee Kates works on a ring-climb obstacle. The 36-year-old uses two small red rings and the momentum of his body to climb up and down the pegs of a wooden plank.

GCU’s non-profit status could open door for athletic competition against ASU

PHOENIX -- Facing bankruptcy, $20 million in debt and an enrollment of fewer than 1,000 traditional students, Grand Canyon University took on investors in 2004, making it the nation’s only for-profit university to compete in NCAA Division I athletics.

Grand Canyon University returns to nonprofit status

Grand Canyon University, a private Christian school in Phoenix, announced Monday it will be returning to its status as a nonprofit entity, which it last held in 2004.